Psychological Symptoms Of Dementia

dementia symptoms

dementia symptoms Certain changes in the brain functioning or structure may lead to the occurrence of dementia. Many psychological symptoms are associated with the onset of this disease. While some of them are easier to deal with and can be reversed others may be quite difficult symptoms to live with.

Symptoms of Dementia

Delusional Thinking

A person who is suffering from dementia may suddenly change into a highly suspicious person, one who does not trust anybody. Thinks everyone is out to cheat, dupe or steal from them. Such people trust no one in their vicinity from relatives and family members to friends and associates everybody becomes an enemy in some way or other. A person suffering from dementia considers deceased people to be alive and include them in the current thought process. The whole situation is very difficult to deal with especially for those persons who live with such a person. Handling him/her requires a lot of patience.


This is a comparatively difficult symptom to deal with and may develop in the later stages of dementia.People having such symptoms hear and see people and even pets who in reality are not there at all or may be deceased. Can become terrified by looking upon their own reflection in the mirror. In extreme cases schizophrenia like symptoms are seen where they hear voices in their head ordering or suggesting things to do or directions to take. Round the clock supervision along with complete professional help is extremely necessary with these advanced cases of dementia.

Personality Changes

The symptoms of dementia may include extreme changes in personality traits. A highly polite and socially appropriate person may become rude and abusive in social gatherings, cursing loudly without even considering the sensibilities of the people in the vicinity. Angry outbursts may become common. Near and dear ones including the acquaintances become quite baffled due to this 360 degrees turn in the behavior of the patient. In extreme cases such a person may even resort to physical violence and become extremely difficult to bring under control.

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Loss of Basic Memory

The person becomes forgetful, losing out on names of people or things close to them or in their vicinity. Cannot remember what they said a while before. May forget the way home or the street they are currently in and as such can get lost therefore somebody needs to accompany them every time they step out of the home.

Symptoms of Dementia Those are Reversible

If some or other drug or toxic material is playing havoc with the brain functioning and causing the symptoms of dementia then the problem is not that complex and may be reversed by removing or discontinuing the cause. Certain medical conditions for example stroke or occurrence of brain tumor and various infections also may lead to dementia. Proper medical intervention is necessary to deal with the situation and can be cured completely along with the treatment of the source. However, if the damage to the brain is aggravated due to the diseases then the solution may not be that easy.

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