Reason For Lump In The Breast

Reason For Lump In The BreastWith the rising rate of breast cancer in women in the past few years, the awareness of the fairer sex regarding the same have risen up considerably as well. But the most pathetic thing that is noticed is that women become extremely traumatized when they discover lumpy formation in their breasts. Doctors opine that every breast lump is not carcinogenic. Moreover, lumps in breasts can develop due to other causes as well. Therefore, let us have an overview on lumps in the breast, so that we can come out of unnecessary trauma and reach out for medical attention when it is urgently required.

Causes of Breast Lump

Most of Them Are Benign

Great news for every woman is that most lumps in the breasts are benign in nature. They may exhibit changes in their shapes and sizes. They may also seem to move when felt from above. But, such changes never indicate in a definite manner that they’re becoming cancerous in nature. The changes in the lumps are connected with hormonal activities within the body. Thus, when the breast grows in size with age, lumps in the breasts may also grow.

Lumps Can be Discovered Suddenly

You must be least aware that you are living with multiple lumps in breasts. A manual examination on a regular basis might often prove unsuccessful in detecting breast lumps. You can also be diagnosed with no cancerous growths within your system. Still, lumps may show up next time you go for a breast screening or indulge in breast self examination. Actually, changes in the breast tissues on occasion of changes in breast shape are sometimes associated with the formation of lumps in breast.

Lump in Breast Due to Fibrocystic Changes

Fibrocystic chances may occur in any woman, irrespective of age. The condition may affect both breasts simultaneously or may be restricted to one breast at a time too. The condition is characterized by thickening of the breast tissues, which occur at the outer surface of the same.

causes of breast lump


This is associated with lump formation, especially during the reproductive years, which are medically termed as fibroadenomas. They appear rubbery to touch and seem to move slightly as well. They might appear terrifying to look at. But, they are totally harmless and do not indicate towards any carcinogenic growth.

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Cysts Have Lumpy Formations

Cysts can occur everywhere in the body. So, cysts on the breasts are common problems. Most of the times, they develop on the external parts of the body. However, in certain cases cysts are also found in the internal parts of the body as well. The same rule applies for breasts as well. The ones that are externally visible are spherical, rubbery and have translucent appearance. They are filled with fluid. But, cysts do not get ruptured as the outer covering too thick for accidental perforation. They are always benign and not associated with any pain.

Lumpy Formation During Periods

Sometimes women may feel lumpy growths inside their breasts during the onset of periods as well as throughout the phase too. There is nothing to worry about it at all. Actually, there is no lump in the breast! Hormonal changes during pregnancy lead to swelling of the mammary glands. These are mistaken as lumps in breasts as they feel like swollen flesh when touched.

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