Reasons To Call The Doctor After A Cesarean

A statistic revealed that more than 30% of childbirths are emergency Cesarean births. The reason for a cesarean section, commonly called C-section, is different in different women.

However, the main reasons for a C-section are size of the baby, position of the baby in the womb, labor that continues for long time and knotting of the umbilical cord around the baby’s neck. The surgical procedure of C-section is performed to reduce the risk of injury to both mother and the unborn child.

Many women these days opt for c-section because they are afraid to go through labor. Regardless of the reasons for C-section, it is a surgical procedure that still carries risks. Hence women who are to go through the operation must learn about the risk factors associated with C-section.

Know More About C-Section:

After a c-section your body will usually take four to eight weeks to heal completely. In order for the body to heal interrupted it is important that the woman takes good care of herself. This might prove to be a little difficult due to the presence of the newly arrived bundle of joy; seek help from family, friends and your partner.

Avoid penetrative sexual intercourse for two months after the procedure.
• Do not put pressure on the abdomen or the back by lifting heavy objects.
• Take prescribed painkillers regularly to fasten the healing and to reduce pain.

Despite The Precautions Call A Doctor If

1. You have high temperature. A slight increase in temperature is normal but not if the increase in temperature persists for days altogether. If you note a temperature of 101 F or more then call your doctor and seek treatment.

2. The incision starts oozing blood or pus. The incision needs to be taken proper care of to allow its healing. A little discharge from the incision is normal and nothing to worry about. However, if the discharge is heavy bleeding or heavy oozing out of pus then these could be signs of a severe infection or a serious medical condition.

3. You experience incessant pain in the incision. Sometimes the pain in the incision refuses to go away despite taking pain killers. If you feel pain or tenderness over the stitches and the surrounding areas then inform your doctor right away.

4. You have labored breathing. Many times breathing hurts after a surgical procedure like c-section. Some women feel soreness and tenderness in their abdomen while breathing. This is quite normal; however, if you experience difficulty in breathing or find it hard to breathe while lying down then call your doctor immediately.

5. The vaginal bleeding isn’t normal. This includes heavy bleeding as well as no bleeding. Some women might use up a pad every couple of hours while some women do not bleed at all. Many women have also complained of non-stop bleeding or spotting long after the childbirth. Any of these could be an indication of some amount of placenta left inside the uterus. It is important to remove the placenta in order to avoid infection.

Different women may experience different irregularities in their health after the c-section. Share your concerns with your doctor and get treated accordingly.