Recovery Time Of Breast Augmentation

Recovery Time Of Breast Augmentation

Recovery Time Of Breast Augmentation Cosmetic procedures and reconstructive surgeries have become very common among women and in most cases, it’s surprising to see that a majority of the women who undertake there procedures are youngsters who are looking for more confidence and self worth in life. Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery done on the breasts to increase its size and enhance its appearance.

Many women who undertake the procedure or would like to do a breast augmentation done will have apprehensions about the recovery time and the risks and complications associated with breast augmentation. Discussed below are the risks and recovery time associated with breast augmentation.

Recovery After The Surgery

Breast augmentation procedure requires an hour to three hours of a surgeon’s time to complete it. Normally, general anaesthesia is administered for the procedure or sedation through intravenous administration of drugs is given. The incision for inserting the implants is made in areas where it will remain hidden like the armpits, around the areola or nipples.

The surgeon takes the decision based on the side of the implants and the overall body type of the woman. Hospital stay is not necessary for more than 2 days if there are no complications involved. The dressing can be removed after a few days and surgical bra used for shaping and firming the breasts. Lot of rest and care is necessary during this time and it is a good idea to have someone to help around.

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Placement of Implants and Recovery Time

There are two types of placements available for the procedure. The placement of the implants decides the recovery time as well. The sub glandular placement of the implants is positioned under the tissues of the breast and above the muscles of the chest wall. In the case of sub pectoral placement of implants, the implants are positioned under the tissues of the breasts and chest wall muscles.

Normally, women who choose sub glandular placements recover faster than the others who go for sub pectoral placements. This is because the implants are placed on top of the chest wall muscles which will prevent cutting of the chest wall muscles for insertion of implants. There is also much less pain involved. However, both the placements have their pros and cons and individual preferences and body shape are taken into consideration before placement.

Individual Healing Time

The first week following the surgery is traumatic for all women as there could be a lot of pain, discomfort and fatigue due to the surgery. Pain medications can offer relief during this time. Strenuous activities that put a pressure on the chest muscles like lifting, driving, pushing etc. must be completely avoided to prevent displacement, and tearing of wound.

Individual healing time varies considerably with some women healing as fast as a month and some others taking months to heal. Many of them could also develop complications like capsular contractions, ruptures, infections etc. which will again prolong the healing process and might lead to follow up surgical procedures too. This is why it is very important to follow the surgeon’s advice and go for regular checkups and consultation after the surgery.

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