6 Remedies For Nasal Congestion

Remedies For Nasal Congestion

Nasal congestion also commonly known as nasal blockage or stuffy nose affects many people but is more among children. The condition causes difficulty in breathing and affects speech and hearing as well. It is very common among infants making it difficult for them to  breathe and breast feed.Serious effects of nasal congestion may result in enlarged adenoids resulting in sleep apnea and heart failure. This condition can be cured with surgery. The treatment options are chosen by determining the underlying causes. Nasal congestion is usually a result of viral infection.

People susceptible to allergic reactions often experience this condition. Flu and colds also cause congestion in most of us. Other causes for nasal congestion are Hay Fever, Sinusitis or sinus infection and vasomotor rhinitis. The condition is diagnosed by physical examination and other symptoms. It is necessary to check nose, throat, ears and upper respiratory tracts. In case of stubborn congestion with recurrent appearance, a detailed diagnosis for allergy is done by blood tests, skin tests, sputum culture, X-ray of sinuses, chest X-ray and immunoglobin tests are necessary to find the exact cause.

Treatment Options For Nasal Congestion

Nasal congestion can be easily treated by over-the-counter medication. Antihistamine pills and decongestants are taken for immediate relief. But one needs to be careful about these drugs as their overuse has serious adverse effects like swelling in nasal passage and causing drowsiness. In case of occasional bout of nasal congestion you can try following remedies like applying moist and warm towel to your face, inhaling steam from boiling water by adding few drops of eucalyptus oil or by placing breathing strips across bridge of nose.

Eating warm chicken soup and drinking hot water also has beneficial effects. These remedies provide immediate relief by making it easy to breathe. In case of serious condition of nasal congestion medical help must be sought.

Preventing Nasal Congestion

There are some simple steps that can prevent the occurrence of nasal congestion as well as other allergic manifestations. Eating balanced diet with liberal consumption of fruits and vegetable strengthens your immune system that provides best protection to prevent this allergic condition. Drinking lot of water and fluids increases the body fluid levels and as a result the mucous gets thin. For the same reason avoid coffee, caffeinated drinks and other beverages that cause dehydration. You must cultivate the habits essential for good health getting proper exercise and right amount of sleep.

Personal cleanliness plays a major role in preventing infections. It is necessary to follow the hygienic practices by washing hands before eating and using bathroom.The bedrooms must be maintained with right amount of moisture with help of vaporizer. They must be also free of dust and other irritant fumes of tobacco, chemicals and other pollutants. It is a good practice to keep the nasal tract clean with help of warm water regularly. Nasal congestion can be prevented and treated by following these simple measures, but if the condition persists it is better to seek medical help rather than relying on over-the-counter drugs.