Remedies For Yeast Infection Relief

Remedies For Yeast Infection ReliefMost women suffer from the discomforting signs of yeast infection at one time of their life or another. Be it the itching sensation or the painful discharge that accompanies vaginitis, this infection in the vagina and other regions of the female reproductive system, may lead to various discomforting symptoms.

Caused by micro-organisms which also inhabit a healthy vagina, yeast infections can be cured by simple home based measures. Given below are some simple remedies which help in providing relief to women suffering from yeast infections.

Simple Remedies for Yeast Infection Relief

Staying Loose and Dry

It is a known fact that yeast infection breeds in conditions which are moist, humid and devoid of oxygen. To prevent yeast infection from spreading, it is important to keep the affected area completely dry and perspiration free. Drying the vaginal region carefully after a bath or shower and wearing loose fitting clothes, go a long way in depriving the yeast of the medium compatible for their growth and development.

Cotton underwear and loose fitting pants that “breathe” are more favorable than nylons and other synthetic fabrics. Lounging around in wet clothes or swimming costumes also helps the yeast infection to breed further. It is therefore important to be dry and loose-so as to keep yeast infection at bay.

Good Personal Hygiene and Staying Clean

The secretions produced by yeast infections can prove to be irritating to the genital areas and other connected organs. Keeping the affected area absolutely clean, through frequent washing and medicated soaps, helps in alleviating the symptoms of the same.

Remedies For Yeast Infection Relief

Yeast infection can be passed between the sexual partners and anything else that comes in contact with the infected region. Therefore, it is important to use separate towels and avoid sharing bathing soap, bath water or clothes with other members of the family.

Washing Clothes Separately and Practicing Hygiene in Sexual Activities

Women suffering from the signs of yeast infection should also wash their hands carefully after using the toilet or touching the infected areas. Their clothes should be washed separately and in hot water. The use of a mild disinfectant as a last rinse, helps in removing all traces of yeast infection even further.

A cup full of vinegar, added as a last rinse in the washing machine or bucket used for washing clothes, helps in killing the germs present in the patient’s clothing as well. Proper hygiene maintained by both sexual partners –before and after the act, also helps in restraining the growth and passing on of the yeast infection.

Avoiding Harsh Detergents and Chemical Based Products

Remedies For Yeast Infection Relief

The chemicals and alcohol contained in the cosmetic products and detergents can cause irritation and alter the normal pH balance of the vagina. They also create the environment necessary for the yeast to grow and flourish.


Women who do not have vaginal infections should not indulge in routine douching. Those who are suffering from the symptoms of yeast infection should use vinegar douches to bring the pH balance back to its normal measure of 4.5. Yogurt douching also helps in restoring the good bacteria which is lost after the incidence of yeast infection. The irrigation nozzle, container and tube used during douching should be cleaned with a mild antiseptic lotion before use.


One of the best remedies for yeast infection is the use of yogurt for the restoration of the balance of acid and bacteria. Yogurt can be consumed along with the regular diet or applied to the infected area in the vagina by applying it with a nozzle or tube. 1-2 tablespoons of yogurt inserted in the vaginal or infected anal area helps in effective treatment of the same.

Boric Acid

Boric acid is one of the most inexpensive and safest remedies for the treatment of yeast infection. Flare ups of yeast infection can be treated by inserting boric acid capsules in the vagina as a suppository. However the same should be done after consulting a medical expert. Gelatin capsules of size “O” can be filled with boric acid to make homemade suppositories.

Remedies For Yeast Infection Relief

These capsules can be inserted in the vagina, once daily, for a week. Pregnant ladies suffering from yeast infection should talk to their gynecologists and physicians before starting off the boric acid treatment.

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Lactobacillus Tablets

Lactobacillus tablets can be inserted inside the vagina for alternative treatment of yeast infection. Using vinegar as a douching agent also helps in the alleviation of the signs and symptoms of yeast infection. Health stores and local pharmacies are the ideal places to visit for lactobacillus tablets.

Fungal Creams

Clotrimazole (Gyne-Lotrimin) and Miconazole (Monistat) are effective fungal creams for the treatment of yeast infection. These products can be purchased over the counter without any prescription and are easily available. These medicines should be used according to the instructions given on their packets.

Once started, the course should be competed fully even though there may be a marked reduction in the signs and symptoms of the infection. Women suffering from yeast infection, before or soon after the onset of their menstrual cycle, should start using these creams as a preventive measure before the start of their monthly periods.

Cranberry Juice and Garlic

The acidic secretions in the vaginal discharge can be neutralized by cranberry juice which is not sweetened additionally. Two cloves of fresh garlic, eaten raw or tossed or minced in a sauce or salad, also prevents the growth and development of yeast infections.

Remedies For Yeast Infection Relief

Garlic and cranberry juice have anti fungal properties, which help in treating yeast infection effectively.

Tea of Rosemary

The burning sensation and itching caused by yeast infection can be reduced to a great extent by making tea of rosemary and using the same as a douche or agent for topical application. The infected area should be cleaned thoroughly and dabbed with thyme tea or rosemary tea on a daily basis.

Along with the above measures, it is also important to practice safe sexual activity and use contraceptives to avoid passing on the disease from one partner to the other. Yeast infections can be completely cured at home by practicing these safety measures and simple ways of treatment.

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