Breast augmentation has gained momentum in the area of cosmetic surgery with more and more women seeking to enhance their breasts and look more voluptuous. One of the popular breast augmentation procedures is the insertion of silicone breast implants which considerably increase the size and shape o the breast.

One of the most voluptuous frames is that of Pamela Anderson which acts as a testimony to the success of breast implants. While the picture associated with breast implants is rosy and a tad utopian, it does have its own share of pitfalls and risks. The risks are mitigated if you are under the expertise of a renowned cosmetic surgeon. Still, the scope of error cannot be completely eliminated. Here are some risks associated with breast implants.

Surgical Risks

There could be a mild or serious reaction to the anesthesia administered during the surgery. This of course can be negated by an experienced anesthesiologist by taking into account the patient’s surgical history but the threat of risk looms large over most patients going under the knife.

Scarring and acute infection can result in and around the incision area especially if the post operative care has been inadequate. The surgeon’s skills in suturing the cut also come into play here. If the surgery is not done aesthetically there may be chances of excessive bruising and bleeding. Cases of hematoma in such procedures are common. There may be a requirement of blood transfusion in case the person loses a lot of blood.

Post Surgical Risks

While the recovery period for most breast implant cases is quick and healing is fast, this is not always the case. A small percentage of women are known to suffer acute distress because of the pain, swelling and tenderness after a surgery. There may be tingling, numbness, partial loss of sensation, superficial bleeding and scarring. Visible Scarring around the incision can put a dampener to any woman’s self esteem. There have also been cases of delayed healing and muscular atrophy in and around the breast tissue although this is very rare.

Risks Caused By The Implants Themselves

Inserting breast implants requires a keen eye and a knack for precision as well as aesthetic appeal. There have been horrific cases where the implants were too large leading to widespread breast asymmetry. Sometimes the implants exert a counter pressure on the chest cavity, leading to chest wall deformity and severe pain.

Improperly positioned implants can lead to lopsided breasts which may necessitate a repeat surgery. There may be a considerable loss of natural breast tissue and ungainly dimpling, puckering and wrinkling especially around the nipple and areola. All of the above may or may not be reversible. This can cause mental agony and anguish to the woman concerned.

Long Term Risks

One of the most prevalent long term risks associated with breast implants is the rupture of the implants. This is caused by the pressure of the scarred tissue in and around the implants. It can cause the implants to break and silicone to be released into the body. Although not potentially dangerous, there may be a requirement of surgical correction or removal of the implants.

There have also been long term studies associated with the development of breast cancer with women wearing implants. This however is not directly related to the implants but rather because women wearing implants are averse to cancer screening and mammograms.