7 Remedies For Menstruation Pain

Menstruation Pain

Menstruation pain is medically referred as dysmenorrheal and reminds a woman about her womanhood. Some women experience this pain either before or during the periods. The pain is usually felt in lower abdomen or in thigh or lower back. Here are some remedies for menstruation pain:

Remedies for Menstruation Pain


It is considered as the most effective drug to help you in getting relief from menstrual pain. Some women get complete relief and for some it helps in reducing the pain to a large extent.


But it is recommended to take the pill at the start of the period or before the date of your menses.


If you put hot water bottle on your stomach or take hot baths, these old tricks definitely help in getting relief from menstrual pain. The heat won’t take away the pain completely, but will definitely give you some relief.


When your periods are about to start, it is recommended to stay in warm conditions as cold temperature contracts the muscles and makes it worse for you.

Sexual Intercourse

During periods, it is good if you have orgasms as it will relieve your pain and due to muscle movement, blood and other fluids are freed from the blocked organs. You will certainly enjoy the sexual intercourse more and it will also help in getting relief from the pain.

Doing Yoga

Doing yoga during your periods treat your cramps and even makes you relaxed which helps in dealing with other symptoms related to menstruation.


Various yoga exercises are specifically designed for women that can be tried to reduce pain during menstruation. Stress is also one of the reasons for severe menstruation pain. So, by reducing your stress, you are more likely to experience less pain.

Herbs For Pain Relief

There are various herbs that you can take for reducing menstruation pain, but make sure you don’t take them during pregnancy. Cramp Bark and Black Haw are mostly taken for reducing uterine spasm and cramping. If you take these herbs before the start of menses, then they work more effectively.

Black Haw

Dong Quai another herb also helps in reducing pain of women who feel heavy uterus because of poor circulation and little flow of blood due to menses. Wild Yam works on muscle tissues that help to reduce muscle spasm which are the causes for painful menses.

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Take Mint and Hot Liquids

It is good if you add peppermint or wintergreen to your tea and drink it twice in a day. If you are not fond of tea, then you can suck mint candy throughout the day.


Because of periods, the pelvic region is blocked and that is why you feel pain, it will be good if you relax your muscles by taking hot liquids. The hot drinks which you can take are hot herbal teas and warmed lemonade.


Ginger has various health benefits and you can use ginger during menstruation to get some relief. Boil ginger slices in a cup of water for a few minutes. You can make it sweet by adding sugar and drink it three times daily after taking your meals.


Above are some of the remedies which you can try during menses and doing regular exercise is the best option to make your menstruation pain a thing of the past.