Short And Long Term Effects Of Smoking On A Fetus

Short and long term effects of smoking on a fetus

Smoking has a direct relation to the growth of the fetus and it has short term and long term effects. Almost 20% females quit smoking when they conceive but some other finds it very difficult to quit as they have developed a habit of smoking which they find difficult to leave. But they should try to give up this habit as it will have a direct bearing on the growth of the child.

Cigarette smoking can cause some complications and affects the health and development of the fetus. Smoking increases the chances of ectopic pregnancy in which a fertilized egg may get implanted in the walls of the Fallopian tube instead of travelling down to the uterus. The short term and long term effects on baby are discussed here:

Short Term Effects

Miscarriage Risk

Although the risk of miscarriage always exists in the first three months of pregnancy but in case of smoking by an expecting mother this risk is too high. In rare cases, the chances of stillbirth also exists. So the mother should not at all smoke during pregnancy.

Fetal Growth

The growth of the fetus is affected very much when the mother smokes. The flow of oxygen and other nutrients to the fetus decreases due to smoking.

Short And Long Term Effects Of Smoking On A Fetus


This is the main reason behind low baby weight. When the baby is underweight then the immunity is also low and the risk of other issues related to low birth weight rises.

Chanced of Baby Death due to Carbon Monoxide

Cigarette contains carbon monoxide and any type of exposure to this compound leads to deficiency of oxygen in the body and increased red blood cells which increase the blood thickness and there exists chances of baby death. In some cases the baby is born dead and while in some the baby lives for a few days. So save the life you’re your baby do not smoke.

Long Term Effects

Learning Disabilities

All babies that are born of mothers who smoke during their pregnancy have unexpected behavior and they face trouble to learn things at a later stage. The mothers who smoke more than 20 times in a day put their children at risk of dyslexia, cerebral palsy and mental retardation.

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Diabetes with Obesity

Short And Long Term Effects Of Smoking On A Fetus

The children are more likely to become obese later and malfunctioning of insulin exits. This is because smoking restricts the development of growth of some important systems.

Cardiovascular Diseases

The exposure to smoking increases the chances of hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases in the babies at younger age. This is because there is a relation between lower birth weights of the babies when the mothers smoke.

Behavioral Changes

You have to face lot of behavioral effects in your baby if you will smoke when the baby is in your womb. The brain of the fetus grows in the womb and when the mother smokes then the development of the brain gets affected and may put the child in criminal activities at a later stage. It is all because of the relation between the socioeconomic status and criminal or behavioral substance.