10 Side Effects Of Contraceptive Pills

10 Side Effects Of Contraceptive Pills

10 Side Effects Of Contraceptive Pills

The process of fertilization occurs when sperms released from the male reproductive organs enter female vagina and travels ahead to fertilize the female egg. When the couple is sexually active and doesn’t desire a pregnancy, contraceptive measures must be taken. There are number of Birth control techniques available, which are effective measures of avoiding an unwanted pregnancy. Some of these are different hormone control pills, uterine devices that release spermicidal medicines and kill sperms, or some devices that block the passage of sperms moving ahead for fertilization. Hormonal pills are widely used and are very effective; however they have a couple of side effects associated with them. Let us focus on these side effects of hormonal contraceptive pills in this article.

Here Are The list Of Side Effects Of Contraceptive Pills:

Increase In Body Weight

Increase in body weight especially around breasts, hips and thigh is observed. However this is a temporary effect and does not remain for the entire duration of drug intake. The main reason for weight gain is fluid retention. Start with a low dose initially and then progressing to higher dose might avoid any weight changes.

 Weight Gain

Tenderness In Breast

Tissues that constitute your breast are sensitive to fluid retention. We have seen that fluid retention occurs with hormonal contraceptive pills and this leads to breast tenderness and pain. Usually it happens that in about 3-4 months the pain and symptoms go off and body adjusts to the pill. In case this doesn’t happen and even after 6 months there is tenderness and pain in breasts you will have to replace the existing pill with a new one after the consultation with your doctor.

breast tenderness

Decrease In Libido

Many women seem to complaint that initiating birth control pills have caused a decrease in their sex-drive. However scientifically this varies from person to person as per the individual hormonal composition. Some people might genuinely experience a change in sex drives due to the contraceptive pills; however additional factors like age, body health, stress levels, habit of smoking and drinking, relationship with the partner etc. might also be the reason of reduced libido.

Decrease In Libido

Feeling Of Nausea

Feeling of nausea and discomfort is usually experienced in the morning while waking up and usually lessens in few weeks of starting the pill. It is not consistent throughout the course of drug use. Some practices like taking the pill during night or taking it with meals might help. If the symptoms are too disturbing and spoiling the routine life you might consider taking an anti-emetic pill or consult your doctor for a suitable solution.


Unusual Between The Period Bleeding

When you have just begun the course of your contraceptive medication, you will mostly observe bleeding between periods; this is called spotting. It is quite normal to observe spotting and this happens because of changes and disruption in your normal hormonal levels. Once the body gets adjusted to these changes, spotting might disappear. Other reasons such as smoking or taking additional medicines for some varied reasons along with taking pills also cause unusual bleeding.

Pain And Cramps

Unusual Discharge From Vagina

The hormone called oestrogen which is present in some of the contraceptive pills stimulates some glands and increases the levels of secretions from vagina. This can be considered normal until and unless the discharge is accompanied with itching and irritation. Consult your doctor if you observe any discomfort or problem along with the increased vaginal discharge.


Blood Clots/ Increased Risk Of CVD

There are reports of occurrence of blood clots with the use of hormonal contraceptive pills. The incidences are higher with smoking, sedentary lifestyle, any prior history of blood clots, surgery, obesity or older age. Excluding these conditions the cases of blood clotting are less and not severe. However people with an existing cardio-vascular disorder need to be extra conscious and share the entire history with the doctor; as any blood clotting might worsen the existing heart disorders. Also if there is excessive blood clotting happening because of these pills; it might put you to a higher risk of developing a cardio-vascular disease.

Blood Clots Faster

GI Symptoms

Initiation of oral contraceptives might cause gastro-intestinal disorders and person might observe symptoms like nausea vomiting, diarrhoea or constipation. These symptoms vanish with the time as the body starts adjusting to changes that the pill makes in hormonal levels.


Swelling Of Extremities

There is retention of fluid with contraceptive pills and this causes swelling of hands and legs in some of the people. This is not serious and goes away with time.

Swelling Of Extremities

Feeling Of Depression Of Altered Mood

Alteration of mood may be seen. People with previous history of depression or psychological disorders might experience prominent depression and other symptoms with certain pills.


In general, the side effects of contraceptive pills are manageable and go away with time, however if that does not happen the best alternative way of contraception is use of male condoms which has no side effects whatsoever.