Side Effects Of Post Breast Augmentation

Side Effects Of Post Breast Augmentation

Side Effects Of Post Breast Augmentation In case if you wish to go for a tailor made transformation of your bust line, we will inquire certain things. We will ask you how aware you are about the demerits of the process that go hand in hand with the merits. It is undeniable that you will have a scope to flaunt your shapely bosoms post breast augmentation but have a look at the ill consequences too that you might face after the surgery.

Post Breast Augmentation Side Effects

Breast Feeding can be Disrupted

Although breast augmentation does not affect the process of breast feeding in general, there are unfortunate situations when breast feeding can be hampered. The process followed by the surgeon during breast augmentation determines the breast feeding efficiency of a woman after the operation.

For instance, the periareolar incision, which is done around the edges of the nipple, may be detrimental as it may interfere with the milk ducts. Hence, it is always better to have an open talk with the surgeon before breast augmentation, so that the process does not disturb breast feeding.

Breast Cancer Screening may be Disturbed

You cannot overlook the growing number of breast cancer patients in the recent times. So, opting for mammography is a wise option to be on the safer side. But, breast augmentation can hamper the reading of mammogram. The implanting of artificial shells inside the breast tissues might deter the X-rays from penetrating into the breast tissues.

Post Breast Augmentation

The result will be inaccurate reading result. The only way out is to go for Eklund displacement views, which has been designed especially for women with breast implants. But, it is not a very frequent method of breast screening. Only a few selected centers perform such screenings, which cost extra sums too. Thus, you have to be prepared for all these hazards post breast implant.

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Lack of Sensation

Some women report of diminished or total loss of sensation in the area around the nipples post breast augmentation. This is connected to the incision that is made during breast surgery. It leads to the damage of the nerve endings in these areas, leading to lack of sensitivity. While temporary loss of sensation is a common side effect after breast augmentation, it may sometimes lead to permanent loss of feeling and permanent damage of nerve endings too.

Occurrence of Capsular Contracture

There are situations when the scarred tissues take the shape of capsules and compress the implant post breast augmentation. This is a risk that is common to every woman, who has gone through the process of breast augmentation. Most notably, it can occur at any stage of life after the surgery and does not come with any precautionary measure. The aftermath of this side effect is hardening of the implant and misshaped breasts. It calls for a second surgery in most of the cases in order to rectify the problem.

Ruptured Implants

Whether saline or silicone implant, ruptured or deflated shells is a common occurrence. It can occur due to the natural aging process, breast trauma or even excessive compression. The condition leads to change in the size and shape of the breasts. It cannot be corrected in any other way than a second breast augmentation.

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