Side Effects Of Taking Birth Control Pill While Pregnant

Side Effects Of Taking Birth Control Pill While Pregnant

It has become a common occurrence these days that many women continue taking birth control pills unknowingly while they are pregnant. When they realize that they are pregnant, they often get scared with the fear of miscarriage, birth defects of the baby and many other health issues.

But actually, if a pregnant woman continues to take birth control pill while she is pregnant, no harm is done to the fetus.The function of birth control pill is to restrict an egg from being released to prevent ovulation. The pills also hinder the egg from moving to the fallopian tube by thickening the cervical mucus which prevents the sperm from entering the uterus and reaching the eggs.

Women do not get pregnant, as they do not ovulate and there is no egg to be fertilized. Birth control pills are generally 99% effective when taken regularly. There is only one percent chance of women getting pregnant while using birth control pills.

Effects Of Birth Control Pill While Pregnant

Concerns For Birth Defects

If you suddenly realize that you are pregnant and you continued taking birth control pills, don’t get alarmed. There is hardly any evidence that those birth control pills containing hormones experience any birth defects in their babies. According to Mayo Clinic, hormones contained in birth control pill, that is, estrogen and progesterone has not yet been linked to any kind of birth defect. But pills containing only progesterone have certain risk of ectopic pregnancy. So, as soon as you realize you are pregnant, stop taking the pills and visit your doctor to make sure your baby is developing properly.

Concerns For Miscarriage

There is no conclusive evidence that use of birth control pill while pregnant can cause miscarriage. Pill use will not cause miscarriage or abortion, the hormones in the pill work to stop ovulation and prevent pregnancy. A study conducted by “Pediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology has found that they have no effect on the development of fetus. But there is evidence that continuing with the birth control pills during pregnancy can have increased risk of having ectopic pregnancy, in which the fertilized eggs starts developing outside the uterus. As this type of pregnancy is harmful, it should be resolved as fast as you can.

Side Effects

Though no harmful effects have been discovered yet, if a woman continues to take birth control pills while she is pregnant, some negative side effects on her health could be there. Pregnancy symptom like nausea, headache, vomiting, fatigue and bloating could be more severe because birth control pills raise the level of estrogen in women. So as soon as you discover you are pregnant, stop taking the pills.

Risk Of Cancer

Continuing with birth control pill during pregnancy is against the medical use that has been specified for the pill. Its purpose is to prevent pregnancy. After conceiving, continuing with the pill will only increase estrogen and release additional hormone in your body. Artificially raising the estrogen level in a pregnant woman has been linked to development of cancer. But there is no evidence to prove this. Though birth control pills available in the market today contain estrogen, but it has not been found to cause cancer.

Once you realize you have become pregnant, stop taking birth control pill immediately. Most medical practitioners also advise the same because increased estrogen that your body is receiving can throw your hormones off.