Signs And Causes Of Heavy Menstruation Bleeding

Signs And Causes Of Heavy Menstruation Bleeding

Signs And Causes Of Heavy Menstruation Bleeding Heavy menstruation bleeding is called by the name “Menorrhagia” in which heavy or prolonged bleeding occurs in menstruation cycle. The blood loss leads to cramping and you are not able to do your normal day to day activities. The problem of heavy bleeding can be identified with the help of some common signs and symptoms.

The Signs And Symptoms Of Menorrhagia Includes the Following

Frequently Changing the Sanitary Pads

The frequency to change the sanitary pads increases. Every hour you have to go to the washroom and have to change your tampons. This disturbs your normal activities and makes you uneasy as you are constantly getting worried of staining.

Requirement of Double Sanitary Protection

The menstrual flow is too much that you need double protection. So you keep on using double sanitary pads and underpants.

Wake up during Sleeping Hours to Change the Pad

The menstrual flow is too much even at night as you have to get up while sleeping to change your tampons. This leads to increased levels of stress in your life.

Prolong Periods

The duration of menstrual flow is longer that five days and it continues for a week or so. This indicates that the bleeding is continuous.

Occurrence of Big Blood Clots

Signs And Causes Of Heavy Menstruation Bleeding


The menstrual flow consists of bigger blood clots in the normal blood flow. You can feel this problem as usually pain is observed in the abdomen when the blood clots comes while menstruating.

Weakness in the Body

The body becomes weak as the loss of blood is excessive. The body becomes anemic and women face the problem of fatigue and tiredness all the time.

The Causes of Heavy Menstrual Bleeding Are So Many But Some of the Common Causes Are Given Here

Hormonal Imbalance

The hormones estrogen and progesterone balance help to administer the buildup on the walls of the uterus which is diffused while menstruating. If the hormonal imbalance occurs then the walls of the uterus develops in excess and diffuses it in the form of heavy menstrual bleeding.

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Malfunctioning of the Ovaries

The hormone progesterone is produced when the process of ovulation is completed in a menstrual cycle and if the process of ovulation does not occur then the hormonal imbalance leads to heavy bleeding.

Tumors or Uterine Fibroids

The uterine fibroids or tumors may develop in the initial ages when the child is unaware of any bodily processes. These fibroids lead to abnormal and prolonged bleeding in some people.


Signs And Causes Of Heavy Menstruation Bleeding


The term polyps mean any kind of small and superficial growth on the uterus lining .This development of polyps occur at the time when the women enter the reproductive phase as the level of hormones in the body increases. This leads to heavy bleeding.


The term adenomyosis means the glands form the walls of the uterus that becomes ingrained or enclosed in the muscle of the uterus. This enclosure increases the outflow of blood. This problem is more common in middle aged females having children.

Use of Intrauterine Device (IUD)

The use of Intrauterine devices has a side effect of increased blood flow. The intrauterine device is the device used for birth control and it should be removed if you are facing increased blood flow because of the use of this device.

Certain Medicines

Certain medicines like anti-inflammatory and anti-coagulants lead to increased flow of blood. The improper use of some hormone balancing medicines increases the bleeding.