Signs And Symptoms Of Breast Cancer Recurrence

Breast Cancer Recurrence

Breast Cancer Recurrence Recurrent breast cancer is the breast cancer which comes again after the treatment of the original or primary breast cancer. This is due to the survival of a few cancer cells that remain after the elimination of all the cancer cells. When these undetected cancer cells multiply it leads to recurrent breast cancer. Usually this problem occurs after the passing of a few months or years after the initial treatment is given to the patient and the problem goes away.

If the cancer comes back to the same part then it is known as local recurrence and if it spreads to other part of the body then it is known as distant recurrence. The major changes that you will observe in recurrence of breast cancer are different types of pains in the chest, formation of new lumps in the breast or chest wall ,immediate loss of weight and appetite and shortness of breath.

The signs and symptoms of breast cancer recurrence depend upon affected part. This may come up as a lump on the breast or lump on the chest wall or the surgical scar thickens. The mammography will show where the lump occurred initially and what is the location of the lump in the recurrence. Various signs that come up in breast cancer recurrence is divided into three parts. First is a local recurrence, regional recurrence and distant recurrence.

Signs of Breast Cancer Recurrence

Local Recurrence

In this recurrence, the cancer occurs at the same place of the original tumor. But in some cases you will find in the remaining breast of the woman or in the chest.

Local Recurrence


Some of the symptoms in this recurrence are the formation of a lump in the breast, irregularity in the firmness of the breast, thickening of the area of the breast, inflammation and redness of the skin, changes in the nipple and indentation. Some of the symptoms after mastectomy are one or more painless nodule on the chest wall and mastectomy scar thickens.

Regional Recurrence

In this recurrence, the cancer develops in the lymph nodes of the armpit or collarbone area. It shows swelling in the lymph nodes and arm, continuous pain in the arms and shoulders and loss of sensation in arms and hand.

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Distant Recurrence

This recurrence is also known as metastatic recurrence and cancer travels to the far places in the body like bones, lungs and sometimes even to liver. It causes pain in the bone and chest, continuous dry cough, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting with severe headaches and fever with chills.

Distant Recurrence


If you have been diagnosed for breast cancer once and have gone through the treatment of breast cancer then you should keep on your medical checkup for the diagnosis of the recurrence of breast cancer. As this will help to treat the survived cancer cells on time and further complications can be avoided.

Every year you should go for mammography in case you had a lumpectomy. Another important thing is that every woman knows her body better than anybody else so check your breast and walls of the chest to check any changes in it so that you can trace the problem yourself.

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