Signs And Symptoms Of Breast Infection

Signs And Symptoms Of Breast Infection The problem of breast infection occurs in the parenchyma tissue and it is caused by the bacteria named staphylococcus auereus. All staph bacteria originate on the normal skin and these bacteria multiply on the skin if the immune system of a person is weak. These bacteria enter into the tissues of the breast through the skin and leads to breast infection.

The chances of breast infection are more in breastfeeding mothers as they have cracks in the nipples. Some of the breast infections go on their own but some of them need proper treatment. Some of the signs and symptoms of breast infection are given here:

Common Symptoms of Breast Infection

Pain in the Breast

Pain in the breast is the most common symptom of breast infection. This pain causes lots of discomfort and it is accompanied by tenderness and itching in the breast. The pain arises due to the presence of excessive staph bacteria in the tissue of the breast. In some cases a formation of an abscess complicates the problem of breast infection. These abscesses are tender and they are felt mobile under the skin of the breast.

Swelling in the Breast

Sometimes the breast infection occurs in the form of swelling or formation of lump in one of the breasts. This swelling sometimes leads to redness in the breast. If the breast lumps are without any presence of pain then it may be a sign of breast cancer so diagnosis should be done accordingly.

A rare form of breast cancer known as inflammatory breast cancer has both these symptoms of pain and swelling in the breasts. So in case you are suffering from both these symptoms then convey this to your doctor so that she can tell you that whether they are because of breast infection or breast cancer.

Changes in Nipples

Some of the breast infections show major changes in the nipples. If the texture and the sensitivity of the nipple undergoes some changes then it indicates breast infection. If any kind of extraordinary fluid is coming out of the nipple then it also indicates breast infection.

Signs And Symptoms Of Breast Infection


The fluid can be clear or look like a pus. As the problem of excretion of fluid is also prevalent in inflammatory breast cancer so proper diagnosis is essential by the doctor. The presence of cracks and breaks in the nipples indicates that you are more prone to breast infection.

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Changes in Lymph Nodes

Lymph nodes experience changes in size and they become swollen and tender in some cases. All the lymph nodes are also known as axillary lymph nodes that are located near the breast under the arms. If there is breast infection then the lymph nodes on the same side of the breast also become infected.

Presence of Low Grade Fever

A continuous low grade fever is felt when a woman has any type of breast infection. Chills are also observed with the fever. This is because the whole body is undergoing some of the changes in the body due to the presence of the symptoms of breast infection. The fever leads to weakness and fatigue and body ache in the body.

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