Signs And Symptoms Of EndometriosisEndometriosis can be described as biological malfunction that affects the reproductive system and pelvic region of a women’s body. It is a very common disorder and occurs when tiny tissues called endometrial implants similar to the lining of the womb starts growing outside the uterus or anywhere in the abdominal cavity such as the ovaries, ligament that support the uterus, a tube, bladder, intestines, in the lining of the pelvis cavity and in the area between rectum and vagina.

Usually this disease remains unnoticed, but slowly symptoms of extremely painful period, abdominal pain at any time of the month and fatigue starts to develop.

This condition is often labeled as ‘career women’s disease’ because severe endometriosis is mostly found in women with delayed pregnancy or infertility. Endometriosis is a highly unpredictable disease. In some women, there are few isolated implants that hardly spread or grow, while in others these implants may spread over the pelvis.

Many women with endometriosis experience no symptoms at all, while few women with this disease may experience severe menstrual cramps, infertility and pain during intercourse. With continued buildup of these tissues that irritates surrounding tissues, the symptoms of endometriosis can become very painful.

The Signs And Symptoms Of Endometriosis

The symptoms may not be the same in every woman with endometriosis, but most common symptom is severe pelvic pain. It is mostly associated with menstrual period.

Although cramping is experienced by many women during their periods, but women with endometriosis experience pain that is far more severe than usual and it increases overtime. The lasting and intense pain may disrupt the whole routine and daily activity of the victim.

The biggest problem associated with the signs of this disease in the beginning stage is that they appear almost similar to normal bodily changes that generally occur with menstrual cycle.

But as time goes by, the pain during the menstrual cycle steadily becomes worse month after month and it takes a toll on the woman’s general health along with the health of her reproductive system.

This disease is so enigmatic that some women who actually have endometriosis often show no symptoms at all. As there is no definite pattern for this disease, it becomes difficult for medical professionals to recognize that the woman is suffering from endometriosis. Sometimes they are diagnosed by default while having surgery for some other disease.

Signs And Symptoms Of Endometriosis

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Symptoms Are Often Similar To Other Diseases Like

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Ovarian cyst, Irritable bowel syndrome, Ectopic pregnancy, Ovarian cancer, Appendicitis, Colon cancer

Besides Pelvic Pain, Other Common Symptoms Of Endometriosis Include

Pain before and after period. The cramping may begin before period starts and extend several days after the period accompanying abdominal and lower back pain.Pain during or after intercourse is a common symptom in endometriosis.

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Unusual period. Women with endometriosis may experience heavy periods (excessive bleeding) or bleeding between the periods. Some women may experience pain while urinating and bowel movement during period.

Women seeking treatment for infertility are often diagnosed with endometriosis.Other symptoms that women experience due to endometriosis are feeling fatigued during the periods, constipation or diarrhea, bloating or nausea.

Severity of the pain is not the determining factor of the condition. Some women with severe pain may have mild endometriosis while with mild or almost no pain one may have advanced endometriosis.

See the doctor if you have severe or chronic pelvic pain. Discovering the cause of pain can help in avoiding undesirable complications and deterioration of your health.

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