Signs And Symptoms Of Ovarian Cancer

ovarian cancer symptoms

ovarian cancer symptoms Ovarian cancer is considered to be one of the most common cancers that are prevalent among the women folks and this reproductive cancer causes a large number of deaths among the women as compared to any other reproductive cancer.

Ovarian cancer is basically a tumor formation in one or both of the ovaries present in women. The ovaries are the female reproductive organs that are responsible for egg formation. And the term cancer often refers to the state when the cells in the human body tend to multiply rapidly without any control mechanism leading to the formation of tissue lumps which are known as tumors.

Ovarian Cancer Causes

In most of the ovarian cancer cases there is no specific cause. The cause is unknown, nevertheless, hereditary and family history have a very vital role to play. Women with a family history of breast cancer surely do have a risk of acquiring the cancer.

Also, women who have had a habit of taking estrogen supplement for a long period of time are also prone to this cancer. Women who go through the child birth process at an early age and women who take birth control pills are not very easily susceptible to this cancer. The risk involved is less.

Symptoms Of Ovarian Cancer

In this case of cancer, the symptoms don’t usually show up early since the women start to experience abdomen pain and pelvic pain only after the tissue has grown large enough to apply intensive pressure on the organs. However, one early symptom that can be observed is menstrual irregularity.

Other symptoms that can occur are digestive complications such as constipation, lack of appetite and indigestion problems. Yet another observable sign would be severe pelvic pain, intense pain during intercourse and frequent urination.

Diagnosis Of Ovarian Cancer

To determine if a women is affected with this cancer there are a set of tests that are carried out. One of the most effective techniques is ultrasound imaging. With this you can clearly identify if there are any lumps present and to confirm the presence of tumor experts usually include Doppler technology.

Following this, a CT scan (computed tomography) can be done to gain knowledge on the size and intensity of the tumor. Apart from this, doctors can also conduct lab tests to identify if there are any toxic elements present in the blood which are released by the tumors.

Treatment For Ovarian Cancer

Mostly the treatment that is advised by physicians is usually surgery or chemotherapy. Surgery methods may usually include complete removal of the uterus or removal of both the ovaries and fallopian tubes.

Chemotherapy can be given in two ways. The first one is given directly into the abdomen and pelvis with a help of a tube where in the drug ensures that it destroys the cancer in this area. Another way is when the intake is through the mouth or veins where in the drug travels through the blood stream and controls the cancer.

However, whichever treatment is advised one thing that the women need to keep in mind is to have a discussion with their doctor as to what the procedures to be followed after the treatment and what lifestyle changes are needed.