Signs And Symptoms Of Stress In Women

Signs And Symptoms of Stress in Women

Signs And Symptoms of Stress in Women According to many scientific research works, women on an average are more susceptible to stress than men.

Whatever be the validity of such a report, stress over extended period of time may bring about several catalytic effects of depression followed by poor mental and physical health and can instigate suicide attempts.

It is quintessential that every individual be made aware of the common signs and symptoms of stress so as to make identification and cure possible.

Some of the symptoms are common in a majority of women under stress. Knowledge of the mentioned few might help detect the signs and symptoms early for cure.

Symptoms Of Stress In Women


Women under stress usually get irritated more frequently and are more inclined to losing their temper on trivial issues. Matters that are mundane and accepted whether right or wrong, often pose a problem or a threat to them.

Under stress, a woman looks for immediate replacements or quicker remedies to their problems and any negative situation may lead to depression or anxiety. She loses interest in regular affairs and gets distressed with people around her.


Symptoms of Stress in Women

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Women suffering from stress problems often complain about severe headaches. Prolonged period of stress may lead to the development of migraine and the person experiences shots of excruciating pain at regular intervals of time.

Often it may sustain for hours. Work related tension is a common cause of tension and a person already under stress may find the extra pressure unbearable. This often develops into stomach ache, nervous breakdown, numbness in the limbs, etc.


Stress often leads to other mental disorders if kept unattended for several months. Forgetfulness or dementia is often detected as a cascading effect of intense stress in women. Though neurodegeneration is not the sole effect of stress, it is today considered as one of the probable reasons of forgetfulness.

Prenatal Stress

Signs of Stress in Women

Stress is a precursor to psychosomatic disorders that may lead to sterility in woman. The mother often gives birth prematurely. Mental disturbances can lead to major physical disabilities.

In a reduced intensity, it may affect the unborn child adversely. Too much stress during pregnancy brings about unwanted hormonal changes in the mother’s body that might lead to reduced body weight or breathing distress in the child.

Physical Health

Depression may impede normal functioning of the body and a person may lose her appetite partially or completely. This leads to sudden weight loss and weaknesses.

Nauseatic effects are common. Often the contrary seems suggestive as a woman starts to eat extra in order to distract her mind from her causes of stress. This may lead to increased body weight, alteration of body composition, hypertension, obesity, etc.

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Stress In Women

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A person under stress almost invariably gets disturbed sleep or faces sleepless nights. Often negative thoughts crowd the conscious mind so profoundly, that a person experiences nightmares as a direct reflection of their disturbed mental state. Eventually this state perpetuates insomnia.

Negative Thinking

Stress even in its preliminary stage identifies itself with negative thinking. Lack of interest in regular activities, hopelessness, and impatience are all intimately linked with depression. The person fails to see the fulfilment of any initiative that she might undertake; her efforts are of little or no value and hence her participation meaningless.

Women under advanced level of stress often talk about life termination. Death is a word that shrouds their mind so completely that life seems a futility in every step and measure.