Signs Of Pregnancy While On The Pill

Signs Of Pregnancy While On The Pill

Birth control pills are preferred by many women as they are easy to use and also very effective. Pills are known to be 99% effective and it is only very rarely that women become pregnant while on birth control pills.

Since it is almost unheard of to become pregnant while on the pill, many women ignore the early symptoms of pregnancy and put themselves in a dilemma as to what to do after they discover their pregnancy. If you are on birth control pills, here are some early signs of pregnancy to watch out for. The truth is that most signs are same as that of a normal pregnancy.

Signs of Pregnancy While On The Pill

1. Missed Period or Bleeding

Missed period may not be a symptom when you are taking birth control pills which have seasonal cycles like just four periods a year. But a standard 28 cycle birth control pack with a 7 day placebo pill will have 7 days of bleeding when on the placebo pills. If this bleeding does not occur while you take the placebo pack, it might mean that you are pregnant. A home pregnancy kit can help you check your pregnant status.

2. Nausea

Nausea is a common symptom associated with pregnancy. Nausea can surface in the first month of pregnancy itself. Nausea that does not go away with home remedies must be taken seriously as it could be due to pregnancy. It is important to check for other signals as well along with nausea.

3. Fatigue And Tiredness

Hormone changes that happen in the body when you are pregnant can make you very tired and weak. Excessive weakness and fatigue must be noted and you must undergo a pregnancy test to determine if you are pregnant. Early detection can help you decide if you want to continue with your pregnancy or not.

4. Breast Tenderness

Early pregnancy will cause soreness and tenderness of the breasts. You will also notice that your breasts are increasingly swollen and painful as well due to the hormonal action in the body. Nipples will be very sore and sensitive that even a slight touch can cause pain and discomfort in women.

Breast Tenderness

5. Extreme Sensitivity To Smell

Nausea is accompanied by an extreme sensitivity to smells. Most women find that they cannot even tolerate smells and tastes that they liked previously. The very mention of certain foods can trigger a nausea attack in women while they are pregnant. If you have this symptom, you are most likely pregnant.

Extreme Sensitivity To Smell

6. Unpleasant Taste

A certain metallic taste in the mouth has been reported by many women as a possible harbinger of pregnancy. Though there is no scientific base to this theory, it is something to watch out for when you sense that you are pregnant. The metallic taste would be always there whatever you do and can leave an unpleasant feeling all throughout the day.

7. Test

If you suspect that you are pregnant, a pregnancy kit can help you understand your condition better. The result of the kit will in no way be tampered even while you are on the pill. Pregnancy tests are mostly accurate. If still in doubt, you can do a pregnancy test after a week or so to confirm the pregnancy.