Signs & Symptoms Of Asthma

Signs & Symptoms Of Asthma

Signs & Symptoms Of Asthma Asthma is considered a serious problem in almost all the quarters of the world. Thousands of men and women of different age groups have come under the grasp of the same. In-spite of this, experts claim that there is a lack of understanding of the subject amongst many people and this actually fuels the rise in asthma cases. Hence, before we delve into the symptoms of asthma, let us take a quick look at the basics of asthma.

What is Asthma?

Asthma is a condition which causes inflammation in the bronchial tubes. It is a chronic disorder which narrows down the airways by swelling them, thus causing difficulty in air passage (breathing). Chemical, genetic and environmental factors are often held responsible for the same.

The tissues when come in contact with allergens produce sticky mucus, which clogs the air passage thus narrowing the same. Over time, these passages become highly sensitive to allergens all the more and the condition is referred to as “bronchial hyper-reactivity”. Few of the asthma allergens include pollen, pets, tobacco smoke, dry air, cold air, dust mites and molds.

Symptoms of Asthma

Asthma is of different types and thus the symptoms often vary from one person to the other. Common symptoms as wheezing or difficulty in breathing are much easier to identify than the other complicated ones as panic, anxiety and itchy chin. Itchy throat, disturbed sleep patterns and chest tightness are few of the pre-asthma conditions.

Some of the notable asthma symptoms include –


Considered as one of the most common symptoms of asthma, people suffering from this condition often complain about it. Wheezing is a hissing or whistling sound which generally happens, every time an asthma patient inhales or exhales. This is often accompanied by shortness of breath or rapid breathing.


Signs & Symptoms Of Asthma

Coughing is a chronic problem which generally worsens during night time or early in the morning. Things as exposure to cold or dry air, little exercise and excess mucus production often leads to this.

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Chest Tightness

Chest tightness is yet another notable symptom of asthma. The tightened muscles wrapped around the airways make it impossible for the person to breathe and thus gives a chest heavy feeling. It is often accompanied by tightened neck muscles or a mild chest pain.

Difficulty Talking

Performing daily activities and interacting with people becomes a serious problem.

Other Symptoms

Once you slowly land into the grasp of asthma, a series of changes take place in the body which ultimately results in the various symptoms. Increased pulse rate, sweating, pale face, blue lips or nails, drowsiness, anxiety and fatigue are some of the other symptoms which also lead to asthma.

The worst thing about asthma is, that it often resembles a respiratory tract infection, emphysema or bronchitis and thus if you ever experience any of the symptoms mentioned above, try to go for a thorough checkup. Try identifying the allergens that cause you problem and avoid them as much as possible. Asthma is a serious life threatening condition as it often leads to respiratory arrest causing death.

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