Signs & Symptoms Of Candidiasis

Signs & Symptoms Of Candidiasis Every one of us has at least a bit of candida growth in our bodies. Also called yeast, candida is usually found in miniscule quantities in the mouth, throat, stomach, digestive tract, intestines etc.

And even though it does not pose any threat to the body, it may be a cause for concern after it becomes more prevalent and possibly transforms into a fungal form (called candidiasis) that is more virulent and hard to tackle.

The fungal form of Candida has the potential to produce substances called rhizoids that can create a lot of problems in the throat, stomach, digestive tract and the intestines. These rhizoids are appendages that cut the tissue lining these organs, thereby causing irritation and sporing.

In severe cases, candida overgrowth can actually cause the walls of the intestine to become too permeable to contain food, thereby causing undigested food particles and other toxins to leak out and mix into the bloodstream.

Symptoms Of Candidiasis

Although candidiasis is not hard to treat, it needs to be diagnosed correctly and in time to ensure quick and effective results. Accordingly, there are a few symptoms that can either individually or as a group, signal the onset of candidiasis in the body. Here are a few important symptoms of the issue that you need to look out for.

Childhood Problems

Sometimes candidiasis in an individual can be diagnosed with a series of childhood medical disorders. And even though these symptoms may not definitely signify that the person in question is suffering from candidiasis, it can point out a possible connection.

Accordingly, an individual can suffer from candidiasis if he/she has a childhood history of problems like hyperactivity, ADHD, ADD, respiratory illnesses, skin infections and intestinal problems etc.

Never Ending Infections

Candidiasis can cause recurring infections in the body. These include infections in the ears, eyes (retinal abscess), throat, skin, vagina, and urinary tract etc.

Signs & Symptoms Of Candidiasis

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Individuals suffering from the conditions are likely to contract issues like jock itch, ringworms, chronic sinus, athlete’s foot, skin rash (in the folds of the skin), psoriasis, and blisters/ulcers (in the mouth, tongue and throat regions).

Candidiasis can also cause white patches/pustules or fissures to form in the folds of the skin, including the areas surrounding the mouth, breast, armpits, knees and groin etc. All these symptoms would usually be accompanied by low grade fever.

Physical Concerns

Candidiasis tends to produce a series of physical problems in the body. These include extreme fatigue, weakness, poor endurance, dental fissures, unhealthy gums, cracks on the lips and tongues, recurring cough, headaches, respiratory disorders, uneasiness, hay fever and muscle/joint inflammation etc.

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Psychological Issues

The physical symptoms of candidiasis would most probably be accompanied by some psychological problems as well. These would include depression, anxiety, irritability, panic attacks, paranoia, concentration difficulties, mental instability, drowsiness and schizophrenia etc.

Gastro Intestinal Problems

An individual who has candidiasis would most surely tend to suffer from certain digestive system related disorders. These would include conditions like bloating, stomach cramps, nausea, abdominal gas, indigestion, diarrhea, constipation, mucus filled stools, heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome and frequent bouts of vomiting.

Genital Issues

In addition to causing recurring infections in the genital area, candidiasis can cause other genital related issues that can be taken as symptoms of the disease.

These include painful menstruation, abnormal menstrual cramps, smelly vaginal discharge, extreme pain during intercourse, vaginal burning, painful urination and in the worst case scenario, female infertility.

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