Signs & Symptoms Of Diabetes In Middle Aged Women

Signs & Symptoms Of Diabetes In Middle Aged Women

Signs & Symptoms Of Diabetes In Middle Aged Women Diabetes in middle aged women is the most common form of diabetes and it is known as type 2 diabetes. Everyone knows that it is a very serious condition and several women lose their life because of diabetes. Diabetes is a condition when body cells cannot accept insulin or pancreas stop making insulin.

After being hit by diabetes middle aged women have to be very careful with their lifestyle. However, with some precautions and awareness one can easily detect it in early stages. Following are the signs and symptoms of diabetes which will help you to recognize and act on the problem.

Signs & Symptoms Of Diabetes In Middle Aged Women


The women who develop type 2 diabetes are constantly hungry. You will notice that you get hungry very frequently and crave to eat every now and then. However, don’t get alarmed and notice if it is happening over a longer period of time rather than a day or two.


Getting thirsty frequently can also serve as a sign for diabetes and the middle aged woman would feel to drink more water than usual. Moreover, the need to pee will also increase with the increase in thirst and the woman would feel to urinate more at night.


Constant and frequent infections are also a sign of type 2 diabetes. If a middle aged woman feels that yeast and vaginal infections are happening again and again, and takes time to recover then it should be immediately reported to a doctor. Diabetes also hampers the ability of body to recover from cuts, wounds and scrapes, they take many days than usual to recover.


Although, vision changes are common in middle aged women, it also serves as a symptom for diabetes. Many women in type 2 diabetes report sudden changes in their vision, some report blurred vision while some report double vision. Whatever the case may be, it is always better to visit a doctor.

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Fatigue and Lethargy

There could be a thousand reasons for fatigue and in middle age women actually do tend to get tired easily. However, this is usually a temporary phenomenon and fades away in a day or two. But if you are experiencing prolonged fatigue and lethargy, making it impossible for you to get out of the bed in morning then get alarmed. Moreover, if you feel that you get tired and breathless more than usual then discuss this with your doctor.

What to Do?

If you feel that these symptoms of type 2 diabetes match exactly with your body changes then discuss everything with your doctor. He would suggest you some tests and if the result is positive then you need to control your condition through food, medication and exercises.

However, if everything is normal but you have family history of diabetes then take extreme care. Follow a low fat and low sugar diet. It has been seen that in most of the type 2 diabetes cases women are obese. So, control the weight and you’ll win 50 percent of your battle, work on rest with a healthy lifestyle.

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