Simple And Effective Tips For Natural Breast Enlargement

Simple And Effective Tips For Natural Breast Enlargement

Every woman out there would dream of having perfectly beautiful breasts. And yet, some women would not be naturally blessed with assets they could boast of.

So if you are one of those individuals who are not pleased with their assets (yeah, we are talking about breasts all right) and would like to improvise, albeit any medical procedures or expensive treatments, here are some vital tips that could help you go about the process naturally and safely.

Complications Arising Out Of Medical Procedures

Before opting for natural procedures to enlarge your breasts, you need to understand why many women opt out for surgeries and medical treatments in the first place. In addition to being extremely expensive, these treatments at times do not produce the desired result.

For instance, the tissue may not look good after the procedure. Added to this are complications like bleeding, ruptures, scarring and allergic reactions, all of which can have serious consequences on the health.

Natural Ways To Increase Your Breast Size

And that is why we recommend that you always opt for natural ways to increase your bust size. In addition to being safe, these processes would not rip a hole through your pocket. And they are relatively easier too.

Exercises To Opt For

Although there are plenty of foods that would aid you to increase your bust size, doing the right exercises would make sure that your breasts don’t appear too huge or sag in the process. Here are some of the more common exercises you can opt for.

Pectoral Muscle Exercises

Exercises that target the pectoral muscles are effective ways to enlarge your breasts and make sure they remain firm in the process. Accordingly, you can use some weights to bend your arms and bring them in front of your body to tighten the pectoral muscles located around the breast area. By doing so, you can make sure that the area remains free of fatty pouches or loose tissue.

Alternatively, you can wear around your back and pull your arms together in front to tone the pectoral muscles in the breast area. Pulleys attached to the door handle would also help you achieve the same in this case.

Wall Ups

This form of exercise does not require much effort from your end but needs to be done with dedication in order to yield fruitful results. Stand about 2-3 feet in front of a wall and raise your hands to shoulder level. Place the hands on the wall at the same level and start doing pushups as you stand.

Simple And Effective Tips For Natural Breast Enlargement

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Make sure that you concentrate only on your chest muscles while doing the workout. Follow up with 20 repetitions with significant holds (hold your position for about 20 seconds before pushing yourself back) between for more benefits.

Pic Press

This exercise requires you to lie down on your back and bend your knees upwards. With your arms stretched to the sides of your body and carrying weights (start with small ones), breathe deeply for a couple of seconds.

Now raise your hands and bring them closer together above your chest. Maintain the position for about 15 seconds before moving your hands back to the sides. Repeat this procedure for about 15 times and follow up with 3-4 sets (of 15 repetitions each).

Butterfly Press

Similar to the Pic Press, the Butterfly press exercise would also require you to lie down on your back and stretch your hands sideways (with weights). Instead of bringing them up towards your chest, you need to raise your hands to shoulder level and keep them there for about 20 seconds before going back to your original position. After about 15 repetitions which make one set, take a miniscule break before continuing with 5 more sets.

Important Reminders

Remember that you would need to undergo a physical examination and check with a doctor before opting for any of these exercises mentioned above. Remember to warm up well before exercising as failing to do so will result in stiff muscles.

Deep breathing is advised when you exercise. Don’t hold your breath while lifting weights or working out. Rather, time your workout with regular breathing exercises to make sure that your body does not struggle for breath every time you pick up a weight.

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Herbal Supplements

Forget all those fancy tablets that promise you larger breasts within days. Instead, opt for herbal products that are both safer to use and more effective than these so called magic pills.

These herbal supplements and creams would work on the fatty tissue surrounding the breast region and would stimulate appropriate hormones in the body to act on these tissues.

It pays to have an understanding of which herbs would actually help achieve a larger bust size. A general understanding of how different herbs work on the body and which parts they work on (with respect to the hormones present in the female body) would help women choose the product that would work best for their body condition.

Important Points To Note

A good understanding of the ingredients present in the herbal supplements used for increasing breast size (including their form of action and after effects) can also help prevent allergic side reactions.

While most of the products are labeled as safe to use, some products would have specifications which if not followed precisely could lead to health complications. Some of these complications would include fertility issues, skin allergies, rashes, inflammation etc.

Always check the ingredients and any warnings mentioned at the back of the package before buying a supplement. Check for user reviews and make sure that you consult a physician about the same before using the supplement. This would get you one step closer to your dream of having larger breasts with few or no hassles in between.

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