Simple Natural Method To Get Rid Of Menstrual Cramp

Simple Natural Methods To Get Rid Of Menstrual CrampA large number of teens and women suffer from menstrual pain. Throughout the week of their period, they feel uncomfortable and miserable. Sometimes pains are so annoying that it becomes hard to do anything.

Cramps occur because the uterus contracts to expel the uterine lining. There are medicines that can reduce the pain; but their effects are temporary and they do have side effects.

For getting rid of menstrual cramps, you need to look beyond these over-the counter and prescription medicines. There are simple natural & ways which you can use to get rid of these cramps and you don’t have to bother about the side effects.

The Best Natural Options For Menstrual Cramps Include

Hot Soaks

Heat can be used as an effective remedy for menstrual cramps. Placing a heat pad for applying warm compress on your abdomen can give instant relief from pain.

Place the heating pad on the lower abdomen while lying on your back. Leave it for 10-15 minutes. Besides this, soaking your feet in warm water, taking hot baths and taking hot drinks can be as effective as a pain medication.

While taking hot bath add a cup of baking soda and a cup of sea salt in your bath water. Apply warm compress 4-5 times a day to stop the cramps.

Herbal Tea

Raspberry leaf tea is very effective in getting rid of menstrual cramps because it soothes the uterine muscles. Drinking chamomile tea also provides warmth and relaxes the muscles and reduces the menstrual cramps. A couple of other herbs which can be taken as supplement for getting relief from menstrual cramps are willow bark, damiana and evening primrose.


Lying on the bed quietly can make the pain worse. Walking around or doing light exercise will be more helpful to reduce the pain. When you exercise, your body releases positive endorphins which keep you relaxed. You can also do yoga poses that promotes relaxation of the muscles including uterine muscles.

Simple Natural Methods To Get Rid Of Menstrual Cramp

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Drink More Water

Drink enough water. Water flushes out the toxins from your body and improves blood circulation. Staying hydrated will give you energy and reduce the cramps, bloating and uneasiness.

Diet Tips

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Limit the intake of caffeine and sugar during menstruation as they can aggravate the period symptoms. Eat a healthy diet that contains lot of fruits, vegetables and lean protein.

Adding green leafy vegetables like green lettuce, cabbage and parsley can reduce the cramps considerably. Reduce cramping by eliminating dairy products cheese, milk, ice-cream, yogurt etc. from your diet during your periods. Also avoid junk food.

They can lead to constipation, bloating and cramping. Reduce the intake of salt before the period starts and also avoid salty foods during this period. Drinking yellow tea three four times a day is an effective remedy for reducing cramping.

Wear Loose Clothing

A cramp makes you feel uncomfortable. Wear loose fitting clothes so that your body can get enough space and feel relaxed. Tight fitting clothes can increase the pain.


Massaging your body with essential oils, especially the back and the areas that are aching will reduce the pain and help you feel relaxed.

Vitamins And Minerals

Taking multivitamins throughout the period can help you get rid of menstrual cramps. The supplement you choose must contain calcium and magnesium. Calcium works to ease the pain and magnesium works to absorb calcium by the body in a better way.


Acupressure can help to reduce menstrual cramping to a great extent. These remedies will help you sleep well at night during your periods by reducing the cramps and uneasiness.

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