Simple Tips For Relief From PMS

Simple Tips For Relief From PMS

Simple Tips For Relief From PMS Mood swings? Oh! It must be PMS. How annoying are those words for every girl. But it is the truth; although those five days in a month are the most stressful, tiring, low days for us, PMS or Pre menstrual symptoms start to affect us much before. PMS is nothing but signs to show that your period is due.

Women experience different symptoms and the most common ones are tenderness of the breasts, cramps in the stomach, back ache, head ache, weak legs and mood swings. Everything looks gloomy, we tend to pick up unnecessary arguments, we snap at friends and families, have cravings and nothing seems to be in control. Very few people actually understand the reason behind this. As a woman, I sure know how painful it can be.

Tips for PMS Relief

Every woman wants to overcome these problems and although the emotional outbursts are not really under our control and our hormones do not really listen to us we can still overcome the cramps and keep a check on the mood swings. As soon as PMS begin to trouble you, keep following things in mind.

Simple and Light Work Out

Although a lot of women follow their usual workout regime, even though it is strenuous, it is advisable to keep your exercises light. If you are not a regular with an exercise schedule it is very important to keep a check on the exercises you do. Keep the workout light and do more of stretching exercises that will help in easing the cramps. Some of the exercises to be followed are:

1. Sit upright on a flat surface and keep your back straight. Stretch your legs forward. Now point and flex your toes. Do this set ten times. This will help to relieve the cramps of the calves and thighs.

2. Stand straight and keep your feet a little apart. Keep a shoulder length distance between your feet and bend on your knees. This is called squatting. A set of 10 will be good and will help to ease your pain and also make your period lighter.

3. Believe it or not, cycling is a very good exercise. You can cycle for 25-30 minutes against the wind and this will refresh you and do well to your thighs and inner thighs cramps. Cycling is not only seen as an exercise but it can be a lot of fun when you go out with friends.

Simple Tips For Relief From PMS

4. Another fantastic exercise that can be done to stop those annoying cramps is to lie down on the floor straight and keep your legs a little wide. While doing this make sure you do not exert your tail bone. Always remember to spread a mat of some kind while doing this exercise or any floor exercise for that matter. Now put one leg on the opposite side of the body overlapping another leg. When you do this turn the upper body on the opposite side. You will feel a slight ‘pull’ on the back. Do 10 sets, 5 on each side.

5. While lying on the floor, raise one leg and make circles with it in the air. Do it in both, clockwise and anticlockwise directions. Do a set of 10 with both the legs. This will also help to reduce the cramps.

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A Right Diet

It is very important to eat right during these days. Women tend to have a lot of cravings, most common being chocolate. For these days excuse yourself and eat foods that make you happy. Chocolates, ice creams and fried foods are also called as mood lifters because they satisfy cravings and help to change your mood from feeling low to cheerful again.

Also remember to keep your vitamin intake high by eating lots of fruits and vegetables. Foods like sesame seeds, jaggery, dates and papaya are very good because they provide you with a lot of energy and helps in a clot free period. Make sure to keep yourself well hydrated. Drink a lot of fluids, water, fruit or vegetable juices, buttermilk and green tea. This will keep vitamins and minerals in check and help in avoiding headaches. Avoid coffee and alcohol.

Practice Meditation

Now, mood swings are the most annoying of all the symptoms because they happen to you but their effect is on the people close to us. A lot of times your mood swings will not be understood and thus this could lead to arguments and souring of relationships. To avoid this and also to get some control over it, practicing meditation can be of great help.

Meditation, is the best and the most effective way of keeping your mind healthy. The advantages of meditation are widely known, it helps to keep your mind in control and also in sync with the body and your spiritual being. Meditation has also being known to overcome disorders.

But most importantly meditation will help you achieve the right state of mind. Sitting in an environment that makes you happy or relaxed and closing your eyes to the world for a few minutes allows you to strengthen your senses. Meditation will help you to feel positive and also to banish any kind of negativity. Researchers have proved that meditation helps us to have control over our feelings and thoughts.

Following simple things like these can help you through the PMS stage in a better way and you will not have to worry about anybody commenting on it. Breeze through your PMS easily and you will surely have a happy and a stress free period.