Some Major Signs And Symptoms Of Uterine Cancer

Every woman knows that how important the uterus is in her body. A woman would be unfulfilled without this part of her body. You should know that uterus is the area where cancerous cells grow rapidly and very silently.

Very often it is seen that the patient is totally unaware about it until the disease becomes malignant. All uterine cancers may not be the endometrial cancer. It is actually gynecologic cancer. The definite reason of uterine cancer is still unknown. But the high level of estrogen hormone plays a vital role to develop this type of cancer.

The general causes of uterine cancer are menstruation over a long period,  earlier puberty, never  having given a birth and delay in menopause. In addition to these there are risks related to at diabetes, obsession, and problem in fertility or polycystic ovarian syndrome.

The Vital Signs And Symptoms Of Uterine Cancer

The increasing uterine cancer enhances the rate of pelvic fullness and creates a conflict with bowel movement and urination. Heavy vaginal bleeding in postmenopausal women is considered as the main symptom of uterine cancer. But the abnormal menstrual periods or abnormal uterine bleeding can’t be ignored as well.

The premalignant changes are indicated by the abnormal periods between menstruations. It may occur very often in bleeding in premenopausal women. The persistent loss of blood causes anemia. Pelvic cramping or lower abdominal pain is very common in this disease. The victims of postmenopausal women can notice a clear or white vaginal discharge.

The Diagnosis Of The Symptoms Of Uterine Cancer

You need to have a look on the diagnosis of the disease. If the disease is diagnosed in earlier stage, it is curable by routine screening. The PAP smear test detects the normal or abnormal changes of cells. A well-known diagnosis method is endometrial curettage. It is a frequently-used process. Both endocervical and endometrical material are to be sampled here. If the endometrial curettage is not able to produce the satisfactory result, then the dilation and curettage process can be applied.

To visualize directly the uterine cavity and detect the lesions, hysteroscopy method can be applied. Sometime it is seen that the endometrial biopsy is done before starting the treatment. The most widely process of diagnosis is USG or ultrasonography.  In spite of all this method, there are some other methods. These are trutest, pipelle, administering serum p53 etc.

Some Treatment For Uterine Cancer

Many kinds of improved medications and treatments are available to prevent and cure this critical disease effectively. You should not hesitate to go to a doctor when you detect this disease. Surgery is the primary treatment of uterine cancer. The affected regions can be excluded from the body by the surgery. The abdominal hysterectomy, vaginal hysterectomy, removal of omentum can be done by the surgery.

In the malignant stage radiation therapy is done combined with surgery. In some cases, chemotherapy is given. But hormone therapy is needed in most of the cases. If the treatment begins at the primary stage after detection, then the disease can be checked. So, don’t be upset  consult a good doctor and take proper treatment. You will easily be able to get rid of this disease.