Some Subtle Signs Of Pregnancy

Not all women display full blown symptoms of pregnancy in the early days. Many miss the subtle signals that warn that they are pregnant.While women who are expecting a pregnancy will nevertheless be happy whether they discover their pregnancy early or late, for those who have not planned a pregnancy, discovering the pregnancy early enough will help them take a decision and reduce complications later on. Here are some subtle signs of pregnancy that you would miss unless you are carefully observant.

Subtle Signs Of Pregnancy

Some Subtle Signs Of Pregnancy

Changed Feelings

Most early signs of pregnancy can resemble a PMS. There would be a feeling of irritability and moodiness followed by sudden outbursts of sadness without any possible cause.

There would also be light nausea which too can easily be missed. These symptoms surface even before you miss your period and hence are not very obvious. Most of the women ignore the symptoms as they are not expecting a pregnancy. These symptoms are also similar to what women experience while they are overworked and on stressful situations.


Women will feel increasingly tired and fatigued during the early days. This is most often confused with general tiredness. The tiredness too can surface before you miss your period and suspect a pregnancy.


Food Cravings

As the embryo implants itself in the womb, you body’s nutritional needs change and you start craving for food like never before. Hunger pangs will be a regular matter and you might even crave for food that you never fancied before.

Food Cravings

Breast Changes

Subtle changes in the breast are common before menstruation. This is why tender breasts are often ignored by women in the early stages of pregnancy. If you are ever so observant, you will notice that the breasts are fuller and tender with nipple soreness and pain which centres around the nipples and later breasts. The areola too will expand and become darker due to the hormonal action.

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Frequent Urination

As soon as the woman becomes pregnant, the uterus starts swelling and this will press the bladder walls leading to frequent urination. Change in the pattern of urination can mean that you are pregnant.


Hormonal changes in the body will trigger frequent headaches that you have never felt before. The headaches can be particularly severe in the initial days of pregnancy and will reduce in severity as the pregnancy progresses and body gets used to the hormone changes.

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Spotting and Implantation Pain

Implantation pain is the earliest sign of pregnancy which many women miss as they do not know what it means. The pain surfaces when the embryo fixes itself on the uterine wall for developing into a foetus.

There would be light spotting at this stage which can last just for a day. Women misunderstand implantation pain as a light period and ignore the symptoms altogether.

Missed Period

Missed period is the first definite sign that you may be pregnant. At this stage, a pregnancy kit would be able to detect the pregnancy with the release of hCG hormone. Higher levels of this hormone will mean that you are pregnant.

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