Stage 4 Breast Cancer Alternative Treatment

stage 4 breast cancer alternative treatment

stage 4 breast cancer alternative treatment Breast cancer is a term used for tumor that occurs in the breast tissue. Breast cancer is very common among women. Breast cancer is diagnosed through many types of symptoms. For example, presence of lump in breast and bloody discharge from the nipples are the two most common symptoms of this disease.

In some cases, nipple inversion may also take place. Since breast cancer spreads in stages, it has been categorized into multiple stages. Stage 4 breast cancer is a term used for the condition when the cancerous cells, which originated in breast, spread to other parts of body also. Stage 4 cancer is considered as a dangerous condition but can be treated through medications. There are some alternative treatments also that help in treating breast cancer in this stage.

Stage 4 Breast Cancer Alternative Treatment

One of commonest herbs used for treating stage 4 breast cancer is Flaxseed. Extract of this herb is being used in treating cancer patients for past many years. In many studies conducted, it has been found that flaxseed extract helps in decreasing the stickiness of cancerous cells in the body.

As cancerous cells are not able to adhere to other cells, spread of disease to other body parts is checked automatically. Thus, women suffering from stage 4 breast cancer must consume food items rich in flaxseeds or its extract. Some of the food substances in which flaxseeds are found are cereals and breads. Flaxseed extract can also be consumed in liquid form, which is found at most of drug stores.

Licorice root is also used for treatment of stage 4 breast cancer. This herb contains two substances called as Licochalcone-A and Glabridin, which are said to prevent spread of disease by checking mutation of DNA. Regular treatment with licorice also helps in treating existing condition.

Licorice can be consumed in the form of capsules or root extract. Similarly, extract of Ginseng can also be consumed for treating stage 4 breast caner. Ginseng contains a substance called as Ginsenoside, which works like steroids in the human body. It increases the immunity of cells, which prevents disease from spreading further. Apart from this, Ginseng also has anti-inflammatory properties. By consuming Ginseng extract regularly, a woman can slow down the growth of cancerous cells effectively.

Omega -3 Fatty Acids also help in treating stage 4 breast cancer and other hormone related tumors. Apart from preventing growth of cancer cells in breast, Omega-3 fatty acids also offer some other health benefits. For example, its consumption prevents many types of cardiac diseases.

In different types of alternative treatments in Asia, mushroom occupies an important position. Mushroom has been found effective in treating stage 4 breast cancer also. However, there are only certain types of mushroom that have anti-cancer properties. For example, Maitake mushroom is one of them.

Polysaccharides contained in this mushroom activate the immune system of body, which helps in preventing further spread of disease. Since T-cells, which have the capability of killing cancer cells, also get activated, cancer can be treated efficiently by consuming mushroom regularly. Shiitake mushroom also possesses similar properties and can be consumed for treating stage 4 breast cancer.