Steps By Step Guide To Breast Surgery Augmentation

Breast Surgery Augmentation Breast augmentation is defined as a process where breast implants are placed on a woman’s body to improve the breast’s symmetry and to give the projection and fullness of the breasts a boost. Augmentation masmaplasty is the clinical name given to this procedure, which is performed for enlargement of a breast that’s small naturally, mostly because of heredity.

For restoring the lost breast volume, which is either because of weight loss, pregnancy and breast-feeding. Also, when the shape and size of the breasts is moderately disproportionate, augmentation aids in resolving this issue.

Types of Breast implant

Breast implant device are of three types and vary according to the filler material. These include composite, silicone and saline. A sterile saline solution fills up the elastomer silicone shelf of the saline implant. Viscous silicone gel fills up the elastomer silicone shelf of the silicone implant. Miscellaneous fillers such as polypropylene string and soy oil are contained in composite implants.



During the surgery of breast augmentation, medications are given to ensure comfort. General anesthesia and intravenous sedation are the choices available. The best choice will be recommended by the doctor.

The Incision

For reducing visible scarring as much as possible, inconspicuous areas are used for making incisions. The incision options will be discussed by the plastic surgeon with you for determining or identifying the one that can provide you with the desired outcome.

Implant Choice And  Saline Breast Implants Or Silicone Breast Implants

Implant Choice And  Saline Breast Implants Or Silicone Breast Implants

Because the shape and size of the breast are important, it is essential that women are frank and open with their surgeon about their preference. The body type, the elasticity of the skin and the breast anatomy as well the as the desired size increase are the factors that have to be considered for determining the size and type of the implants.

Inserting And Placement Of The Implant

Sub-glandular and Sub-muscular kind is basically a breast implant is inserted in the pocket after making an incision. It can be a sub-muscular treatment, meaning that it’s inserted and placed under the muscles of the pectoral region. It can also be a sub-glandular or sub-mammary placement that is over the pectoral muscle and directly behind the breast tissue.

Inserting And Placement Of The Implant

The degree of desired enlargement, the surgeon’s recommendation, the type of implant and the body type influences the method of positioning and inserting implants.

Closing The Incisions

Layered sutures close the incisions that are in the breast tissue and the skin is closed with surgical tape and skin adhesive. The incision marks will fade over time.

Visible Results

Breast augmentation surgery gives visible results immediately to all women, which is a great advantages. The incision lines vanish over time and post-surgical swelling also reduces. As women recover and realize that they have achieved the goal of fuller and greater breasts; they will become happier and their satisfaction with all grow with time when they view the impressive results of the breast augmentation surgery.So if you are considering breast augmentation surgery, the above guide can be of extensive use!

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