Struggling With Your Lines And Wrinkles

Struggling With Your Lines And Wrinkles

Struggling With Your Lines And Wrinkles

With the passage of time, we age and the skin starts drooping alongwith the development of grooves, lines and wrinkles according to individual’s skin quality.

Some may experience more and at an early stage and some may in somewhat later stage. These lines and wrinkles are more noticed on the face of the effected person.

We should thank God for the researches and advancement of technologies that have helped in inventing many solutions for this problem of aging and wrinkling skin. But before going to adopt any of the treatment for repairing or removing these lines and wrinkles we should understand the causes of their development.

Causes Of Lines And Wrinkles On Face

Lines and wrinkles are mainly caused by the exposure of skin to the sun. Though the effect of age fall on all over the body but the parts of that are more exposed to sunlight like face and arms, get more affected with lines and wrinkles because of dryness created by the heat of the sun.

Movement of muscles also effect to create lines on facial skin such as smiling may cause crow’s feet lines around the eyes, movement of the muscles of eye lid, consist sleeping pose towards right or left cheek etc. Gravitational forces also affect in folding the skin. Smoking is also be sure cause of lines and wrinkles on face Hereditary has a role in causing wrinkles.

Probable Treatments For The Lines And Wrinkles On Face

Treatments for lines and wrinkles on your face are seldom carried out by a combination of cosmetic processes, either manual or surgical. The prime treatment is to protect the skin from exposure to the sun throughout your life by applying sunscreen and avoiding smoking and exposure to pollutants.

Probable Treatments For The Lines And Wrinkles On Face

Other Treatments That Can Reduce Lines And Wrinkles Are:

Use of moisturizers: moisturizers give a better feel and look to the ageing skin by improving the capacity of skin to hold water. You can choose from the variety of moisturizers available in the market that does not stings or burns on your skin.

Using Anti Ageing Formulae:

Several creams and lotions contain anti-oxidants, vitamin C, Polypeptides, Alpha hydroxy acids and various extracts from plants that proved to be anti-ageing treatment.

Using Anti Ageing Formulae

Resurfacing The Skin:

The process of resurfacing the skin is carried out using various techniques,, in which top layer of epidermis is peeled off by mechanical or chemical method.  It may balance the pigment and texture of the skin and will improve the fine lines and wrinkles.

Resurfacing The Skin

Implantation Of The Skin:

Implantation is another method to reduce lines and wrinkles by implanting fillers or grafts in the skin either temporarily or permanently.

Implantation Of The Skin

Cosmetic Surgery:

Facial tissues are repositioned and drooping skin is restructured permanently through cosmetic surgery. The process works with removing excessive skin to tighten the underlying muscles.

Cosmetic Surgery

Thus, ageing lines and wrinkles can be treated temporarily as well as permanently by physical and surgical methods, or both. Nature has always blessed us with its herbs that can work the magical miracles. Natural remedies are the safest ways to treat wrinkles and associated skin problems.