Symptoms And Medical Solution For HELLP Syndrome

Symptoms And Medical Solution For HELLP Syndrome

Hellp syndrome is one of the most dangerous and life threatening disorder which is a severe case of preeclampsia which can get hectic complications for a woman! Generally women suffering from preeclampsia get affected with this condition. This is a condition which signifies low amount of blood platelets, liver damage, destruction of the RBC’s, and is termed as Hemolisys Elevated Liver Low Platelet count! Generally, the symptoms of this condition are quite rare and unrecognizable quickly but some conditions like nausea, fatigue, abdominal pain etc are the general signs f the HELLP disorder. The condition generally gets very hectic and painful during pregnancy and can affect the health of the baby and mother vitally! Women are mostly affected through this syndrome during pregnancy which makes it very tough and hectic to keep the baby safe!

Here Are Some Symptoms And Solutions Available For The Help Syndrome!


1. Headache, Fatigue And Nausea

These are the very common symptoms which signify that you may be suffering from the Hellp syndrome. From headache to nausea, these conditions occur due to the damages liver, low blood platelets and such complications. If you feel severe headache constantly, feel tired and low energetic, fatigued, this is an indication that something is completely wrong and you must consult a doctor!

Headache, Fatigue And Nausea

2. Pain In The Abdomen

Due to the liver damage, the abdominal pain would occur as a sign of the HELLP disorder. The women suffering from heavy liver and kidney damage would feel quite pain and soreness constantly on the upper right side of the abdomen. This is not a casual and normal pain but indicated HELLP syndrome.

Pain In The Abdomen

3. Seizure And Pain In Upper Body

This is a very rare and uncommon condition for women suffering from the HELLP syndrome but there are cases which show that women suffering from this syndrome may showcase seizure as a symptom. In pregnancy, seizure can get shocking and harmful for the development of the baby and also of the mother’s health! This painful upper body and seizure surely indicates extreme case of HELLP.

Seizure And Pain In Upper Body

4. High Blood Pressure

Due to this syndrome, the women can face extreme conditions and cases such as high blood pressure. In pregnant women, the high blood pressure of mother can vitally affect baby’s growth and functioning. Thus high blood pressure is simply very important to manage during pregnancy as it can reflect HELLP syndrome!

High Blood Pressure

5. Blurry Vision

This is also one of the most harmful and annoying symptom which reflects issues in the liver, and blood platelets. The women suffering from this condition generally state that with headache, nausea and severe fatigue they feel difficulties in watching and get some blurry vision! Thus this is also one of the sign just accompanied with other of these symptoms which indicate HELLP.

Blurry Vision

Medical Solutions:

6. Blood Transfusion

In case the situation gets highly abnormal and there are lots of complications which can affect the mother and baby, blood transfusion is an option which can help in battling this condition. Blood transfusion is the various lost components of blood are replaced through surgical processes and various other means. This is a life savior condition which can help in treating the patients of HELLP syndrome!

Blood Transfusion

7. Corticosteroid For Lung Development Of Baby

Corticosteroid is a medication provided to the pregnant ladies to battle the negative and harmful effect of HELLP on the baby and to resume the development of the baby’s lungs. If the mother is suffering from this syndrome, the development and functioning of the baby’s body can get stuck or slow down and especially the lungs are affected. Thus medication for the lung development would help the baby and mother stay safe wit this syndrome!

Corticosteroid For Lung Development Of Baby

8. Medications To Heal Seizure

Seizure is not generally found in all the cases of this syndrome. Women suffering from the help syndrome are always not affected by seizure and those women who get affected with it can face some painful situations and life threatening conditions. Thus medications are available to prevent seizure which can get more troublesome. Medications are available which can prevent seizure, one of the extreme and powerful cases of this syndrome which can get more complications and even mortality during pregnancy!

Medications To Heal Seizure

9. High Blood Pressure Medications

High blood pressure is a very common symptom and risk of the HELLP syndrome. Especially the pregnant mothers suffering from this syndrome are more open towards this risk. Due to high blood pressure, the baby can get affected and also it can create difficult situations like suffocation and low heart rates in the baby too! Thus high blood pressure is a severe complication which can further lead to more complications and must be avoided. Medications are available to prevent such conditions!