8 Symptoms And Medical Solutions For Imperforate Hymen

Symptoms And Medical Solutions For Imperforate Hymen

Imperforate Hymen is a condition in which, the hymen does not have an appropriate opening and thus gets as an obstacle in the vagina. This is due to the inability of the hymen to perforate during fetal development. Generally the disorder is detected when the girl gets into the periods and the menses is built up in the uterus or the vagina. Generally this condition is cured by surgical processes and the blockage is removed. There are various signs and symptoms which show you are facing this disorder. Signs reflecting some menstrual changes, painful conditions and changes difficulties in the urination process can work as the symptoms.

Here Are Some Symptoms And Solutions Options Available For Imperforate Hymen!

1. Feeling Heavy In The Abdomen

The feeling of heaviness is quite common as the blood getting stuck up in the vagina can cause pain and heaviness. Also women feel some cramps and the feel of quite heaviness in the abdomen, over the vagina and such parts due to the blockage of menstrual blood in the vagina and uterus. This is one of the leading symptoms of imperforate hymen!

Feeling Heavy In The Abdomen

2. Stomach Pain

Stomach pain and cramps are quite normal during the menstrual cycle. But also if you are suffering from imperforate hymen, this is a condition which can affect you. Heaviness and painful feeling is the common and relatable symptom of this disorder. Due to the blockage of blood, the normal cycle and functioning of the body gets hindered which can cause pain and cramps.

Stomach Pain

3. Painful Urination

Urination is disturbed and affected whenever there are changes and disturbance in the menstrual or reproductive parts. These are all the interlinked parts which have some or the other connections with each other. If you are facing the imperforate hymen disorder, the urination would not get normal for you. Quite painful urination, inflammation while urinating, pain and swollen areas etc can act as a string symptom of this condition!

Painful Urination

4. Lower Back Pain

Just like the cramps in the stomach, the pain and suffering in the lower back is too quite normal if you are suffering from imperforate hymen disorder. Due to the blockage and accumulation of blood in the vagina and uterus, you can feel heavy pain in the lower back which signified that something is wrong within your body!

Lower Back Pain

5. Lack Of First Menstrual Cycle

This is quite a normal and obvious symptom of imperforate hymen. Due to the blockage of the blood, the menstrual cycle does not get regulated on time which can lead to the lack of the very first menstrual cycle. As the girls get into puberty, the menstrual cycle gets released but due to this condition, the menstrual blood gets blocked in the vagina and uterus making it difficult for the blood to come out during the menstrual cycle. Thus, lack of menstrual cycle on the appropriate time of getting the cycle, is a symptom of imperforate hymen.

Lack Of First Menstrual Cycle

Medical Solutions:

6. Surgical Removal During Infancy

Surgery is almost the only process through which this condition is treated. If during the birth or short age, the baby girl is discovered with imperforated hymen, there are various such surgical processes through which, the imperforated hymen can be treated. The imperforate hymen in infants can get detected if the vagina does not get enough mucus and moisture and the vaginal opening is blocked. This is a very rare case of early detection of imperforate hymen during infancy as, this condition is normally diagnosed when the girl reaches puberty or gets trouble in the first menstrual cycle!

Surgical Removal During Infancy

7. Hymenotomy

Hymenotomy is a surgical process which includes the surgery to open the hymen with various processes or removing the hymen completely. Women with septate hymen, thick hymen or imperforate hymen are treated with this surgical process. Also sometimes, a septate opening is created for the menstrual cycle during this surgical process. Also of a woman is suffering with little space and narrow opening for the vagina, this is the surgery which can get a broad opening for the vagina after which would work if painful penetration during sex, pain during sex and such conditions are faced!


8. Hymenectomy

This is a surgical process used to treat imperforated hymen where the process or treatment includes surgical removal or surgical opening of the hymen. Due to blocked and stuck blood and jammed hymen, this process is compulsory to undergo. Along with treating imperforate hymen, this surgical process is also used to treat conditions where the hymen is heavily thick and stubborn, the hymen thickness doe not allow the menstrual process to get regulated or even the intercourse is restricted due to the thick and rigid hymen.