Symptoms, Cause And 3 Ways To Fight Pleurisy In Women

Lung is one of the major organs of the body. Lung or lungs help a human being to breath freely and easily. But like all other major body parts or organs of a human body lungs also can develop ailments. These diseases of lungs certainly cause a human being difficulty in breathing. Pleurisy or pleuritis is one of such lung problems.

Pleura is a membrane that lies on the inner chest wall as well as outside of lungs. When for some reasons this layer or membrane is inflamed problem like inflammation of pleura or pleuritis occurs in a man or woman. Pleuritis can cause several physical discomforts. If prompt medical help is not taken sometimes complication develops that can cause serious damage to the lungs.

Symptoms Of Pleurisy

There are a few symptoms that show up when pleurisy occurs in a man or woman.The major symptom of this lung related health problem includes difficulty or shortness of breath. Breathing becomes very difficult when this disease occurs. With shortness of breath in pleuritis chest pain also can occurs in a man or woman. If a man or woman has cough or sneezes for some reason the pain becomes intense.

It can extend to back as well as shoulder too. Health experts say that this pain normally involves one part of chest. Health experts also say that in certain cases pleurisy can cause cough and mild fever in a patient too. Sometimes in this health problem fluids gather in pleural cavity. This condition is called pleural effusion. Though pleural effusion decreases chest pain but extra pressure can gradually damage lungs.

Symptoms Of Pleurisy


The main cause of pleurisy is the rubbing of two layers that exist on inner chest wall and outside of lungs. In normal condition these layers remain in place and do not come into direct contact with each other. But when inflammation occurs these kind of rub with each other and signs of pleuritis start to show up.

Now there are certain factors which are responsible for such inflammation. These include virus and bacteria caused health problem like influenza etc. Fungus related health condition also can cause pleurisy. Moreover more serious lung problem like lung cancer in proximity of pleura, Rheumatiod arthritis and side effects of some medicines also can give birth to this disease in a person.


Here Are 3 Ways To Fight Pleurisy In Women:

1. Seek prompt medical help

If you are encountering a few of the symptoms particularly chest pain when you try to breath and difficulty in breathing then you must see or consult a doctor as soon as possible. The doctor will listen to you, check you physically and ask you to do some lab test that can determine pleurisy more accurately.  The doctor will determine the cause and prescribe medicines accordingly. There are good anti biotics and other medicines to deal with the problem.

Consult A Physician

2. Quit Smoking

People who smoke very often become victim of lung related diseases in long run. Modern working women are building up a habit of chain smoking. This habit can make them vulnerable to disease like influenza. This type of viral infection can in turn give birth to problem like pleuritis in a woman. So to avoid this problem putting a hold on smoking or forsaking it is necessary.

Quit Smoking

3. Take As Much Rest As You Can

If you are diagnosed with pleurisy then you should listen to your doctor and take medicines prescribed by him or her regularly. You have to complete the full course. With this taking rest is very necessary. Putting extra pressure on your health will only increase discomfort and longer your suffering.

Take As Much Rest As You Can