Symptoms, Cause, Risk Factors And Ways To Fight Brain Cancer In Women

Each and every vital organ in a human body is subject to illness or health related problems. Some of these problems are very common and some are uncommon but serious in nature. Brain is one of the vital organs that almost controls or co ordinates every functions of the body. Of all serious illness brain also can develop cancer. Brain cancer is actually brain tumor that is malignant in nature. A brain cancer or tumor is of two types. Primary cancer is which that occurs in brain. The other is secondary. In it cancer happens in another part or organ of body that spreads to the brain. There are different types of primary brain tumors that doctors only can differentiate. Whatever it is a man or woman always needs to be careful about signs and symptoms. Once these start to show up medical help should be taken immediately.


The symptoms of brain cancer involves headache that gradually becomes frequent and severe. With this headache a man or woman can feel nausea. Vomiting may occur too. Problem in vision also can occur in brain cancer. A person can see two of everything. The peripheral vision also start to develop problem in this ailment. Once a man or woman is attacked by this disease he or she can have difficulty in walking or maintaining balance of the body. Difficulty in speaking or hearing also may occur. The person can show a state of confusion in everyday work too. With these the person can show physical weakness and seizure also can take place in him or her.



The cause of brain cancer is  primary brain tumor that shows malignancy in it. It develops and spreads rapidly. When mutation occurs in the DNA of the normal cell of the brain, division as well as rapid or abnormal growth of brain cells take place that in turn becomes harmful to normal brain cells. But health experts or doctors say that exact cause of this mutation of cells is unknown. But factors like smoking, pollution, disease like HIV etc may the reasons behind it.


Risk Factors

Doctors or experts say that the main risk factor of such ailment involves age. As a man or woman ages he or she becomes more vulnerable to this disease. But it can occur in any age. Certain type of brain tumor can occur in children also. Genetic factor also can be a risk factor of this disease. The members of a family with history genetic disease are running at a risk of contacting this dreaded ailment. Besides radiation particularly radiation that is given to treat other form of cancer can cause brain tumor or cancer in people. You need not to worry about cell phone radiation. It is not proven conclusively at this point.

Risk Factors

Here Are Ways To Fight Brain Cancer In Women

1. Seek Prompt Medical Care

The very first step to fight such disease is to determine it clearly. For this you need to be very careful. Once symptoms like above particularly headache that is becoming severe with nausea and vomiting, vision problem etc show up in increasing frequency you should not waste a single moment. Contact doctor immediately. He or she will talk to you, carry out tests to determine whether the disease is actually brain tumor. After the disease is determined the doctor will advice you how to fight it.

Seek Prompt Medical Care

2. Family Support Is Very Necessary

If you are the victim then talk to your family and clearly express that you need every support from them in fighting it. If you have any member who is fighting this condition support him and her in very foot of the way. This will provide mental strength to a brain cancer victim.

Family Support Is Very Necessary

3. Join A Support Group

Not only to the members of family, talking to or sharing ideas and views with people who have or had suffered such problem can provide additional mental support. So you can join or seek out a cancer support group too.

Join A Support Group