Symptoms, Cause, Risk Factors And Ways To Fight Leukemia In Women

Blood is perhaps the most important organic fluid in human body that keeps a human being healthy and kicking. Three different elements that develop blood are white blood cells which fight different infections in a word boost immune system of body, red blood cells help to carry oxygen to different parts of the body and platelets which help blood to clot.

Any problem in any of these elements can bring problem to a human body. Even these elements can develop dreaded disease like cancer. Blood cancer is called Leukemia. Leukemia can attack a child as as well as an adult person. There are different types of leukemia. Certain signs and symptoms occur when this disease attacks a person. If a man or woman notices these signs prompt medical help should be taken. Early detection and medical care can help one to get relieved of this dreaded disease.

Symptoms Of Leukemia

According to the experts the general symptoms that occur in leukemia involve frequent fever with chilliness, an always present fatigue. In this disease bleeding from nose takes place very often. Unusual weight loss also can happen in leukemia. In this health problem a person can have swelling in his or her any gland particularly in places like neck, armpit or in groin area.

When leukemia occurs pain can be felt in bones of the body, a person can encounter infections too. In case of women heavy to very heavy menstrual bleeding also can take place. Heavy sweating specially sweating during night is one of the main signs of the disease. Health experts say that blood cancer or leukemia can cause problem in spleen too. A person can feel swelling as well as pain in left part of the body.

Symptoms Of Leukemia


The cause of leukemia is abnormal growth of white blood cells in the body. Bone marrow for some genetic or other reasons not very clear to experts till today starts giving birth to excess white blood cells that can’t perform the normal work of WBC. When the growth or multiplication of these abnormal white blood cells keep continuing the normal good white blood cells and red blood cells as well as platelets are overwhelmed. As a result signs of leukemia start to show up.


Risk Factors

The risk factors of this dreaded disease of blood cells include history of leukemia in family. If a person has case of leukemia in his or her family then he or she is at risk of getting the disease. If a person has some sort of genetic problem or disorder like Down syndrome then the risk is the same. The risk also becomes high if a man or woman had undergone through medical help like chemo or radiation therapy for some other cancer in past. Besides health experts say that proximity to chemical like benzene in certain industry can bring this health problem to the people working in it. Apart from this smoking also can cause a certain type of leukemia in smokers too.

Here Are 2 Ways To Fight Leukemia In Women:

1. Seek Immediate Medical Care

The signs noted above for leukemia can be confused with any other ailments also. But it can be leukemia too. That is why if a woman notices any or some of the signs frequently she should not loose a moment. She should contact a doctor immediately. Blood cancer can be detected by blood test. Your doctor is the best person to help you in this. Early diagnosis can start early medical procedure that can fight this health problem.

Seek Immediate Medical Care

2. Mental Support Is Very Necessary

Cancer does not mean death. If cancer is detected early then proper medical care can bring a person out of this danger. A person with blood cancer needs proper mental support to fight the disease from his or her nearest or dearest people. If any person of your family is fighting the problem then encourage her always so that he or she can combat the problem and never loose mental strength in the process.

Mental Support Is Very Necessary

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