7 Symptoms Of Abdominal Cancer

Abdominal Cancer

Abdominal cancer is the uncontrolled multiplication of abnormal cells inside the abdomen. The area where the abdomen cancer occurs in the abdomen is between groin and the lower chest. The abdomen consists of various organs that include liver, pancreas, kidney, stomach, numerous blood vessels, gallbladder and esophagus.

Some major forms of abdominal cancer are: colorectal cancer, pancreatic cancer, stomach cancer or gastric cancer, liver cancer, kidney cancer or renal cancer.

Symptoms Of Abdominal Cancer

The symptoms of abdominal cancer depend upon the type of cancer and stage of cancer. Usually, the symptoms keep varying. There are some cases, where a person experiences no symptoms in the early stage of abdominal cancer. The symptoms of abdomen cancer can be similar to other disease and can also be vague. Some common symptoms are:

Blood In The Stool

Bloody stool is the very common symptom of abdominal cancer. If you notice blood in the toilet, in the tissues after wiping or in the stool, then it can be an alarming sign of abdominal cancer. Blood in the stool can also be due to hemorrhoids or anal fissures, but these conditions are less serious compare to abdominal cancer.

It is not necessary that you can see blood in the stool through your eyes. Some trace amount of blood can be identified in the stool which can only be revealed with the help of certain tests. The most popular test to detect blood in the stool is fecal occult blood test.

Abdominal Pain And Discomfort

Abdominal discomfort and pain is the second most common symptom of abdominal cancer, which requires an immediate medical attention. The pain keeps varying and it can range from severe, moderate and mild.

Abdominal Pain

The upper abdomen area is the most affected place, where pain occurs. Constant abdominal pain, anywhere in the abdomen needs to be examined by the doctor immediately. Abdominal pain can also occur in gallbladder cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer and bile cancer.

Persistent Nausea And Vomiting

Persistent nausea and vomiting is a very vague symptom and is very common among people suffering from abdominal cancer. Continuous vomiting and nausea can cause damages in the linings of oesophagus and other serious health problems.


Sometimes you may also notice blood in the vomiting. An immediate consultation with the health care specialist is strictly recommended.

Loss Of Appetite

If you don’t feel like eating for a day or two, it is considered normal. But, if the situation continues for more than two days, then it is an alarming sign of developing abdominal cancer.

Loss Of Appetite

Loss of appetite can also be related to other health issues and is a very vague symptom of abdominal cancer.

Abdominal Bloating

Generally, a person suffering from abdominal cancer experiences bloating in the stomach, after each meal.

Abdominal Bloating

Other symptoms that can be related to abdominal cancer are heartburn and indigestion.


Feeling excessively tired for more than two days can be a sign of abdominal cancer.


The fatigue is due to the loss of blood through stool and vomiting. An immediate medical check-up is required to clear out the situation.

Losing Weight

This situation needs to bring in the notice of your doctor, if you are losing weight without any effort. Losing around five percent of your normal body weight in the span of six months and less, without exercising and dieting is a symptom of abdominal cancer.

Losing Weight

All the above mentioned symptoms can also be the signs of other diseases. It is very important to get a check-up done and inform your doctor if you experience any of the symptoms to avoid abdominal cancer and other diseases.