Symptoms Of Cancerous Ovarian Cyst

Ovarian cancer cannot be discarded as rare as thousands of women die every year just because the cancer is diagnosed way too late for treatment to become effective. The symptoms of ovarian cancer resembles many unimportant stomach disorders and hence most women just tend to take them lighly putting their lives in danger.

It is very important for women to be aware of the symptoms that a cancerous cyst can present. Early diagnosis is very important for effective treatment and more than 95 % of the women survive with early treatment and care. For catching ovarian cancer in its infancy, women must be aware of the symptoms.

Ovarian Cyst Symptoms

While most ovarian cysts, which are sacs that are filled with fluid, are benign and do not cause any symptoms, there are a few of them that could turn malignant and lead to ovarian cancer. Here are the symptoms that you must watch for.

Irregular Menstrual Cycle

When you have ovarian cysts, your menstrual cycle will turn very irregular. This is because the body suddenly faces hormone changes that cause the menstrual cycle to either become longer or shorter depending on the body’s response to the cancerous changes happening inside the ovaries. Thus, if your periods suddenly turn heavy and long or short and absent for months together, take note.

Pelvic Pain

Due to the placement of the ovaries in the pelvic region there would most probably be pain in the pelvic area like the lower abdomen, thighs, lower back etc. which can come and go or even be steady, lasting for a long time without ant respite. Pelvic pain can become worse with intercourse and can be followed by bleeding as well which can be due to hormonal variations.

Painful Passing Of Stools

Again due to the position of the ovaries in the pelvic area, the passing of stools could become difficult as a result of the pressure applied by the cancerous cysts on the rectum. There could also be difficulty in passing urine or frequent urination based on the pressure exerted by the cysts on the bladder as well.

Bloating And Digestive Problems

The constant feeling of fullness and a bloated stomach too are symptoms of cancerous ovarian cysts. The bloated feeling will be there even after you have not taken much food or have had any problems like indigestion or infection. If the feeling of fullness is lasting and is accompanied by vomiting, constipation, breast tenderness and a nauseous feeling then it is time to visit a doctor.

Metabolic Changes

Changes in the metabolism of the body will result in sudden loss of weight or weigh gain, low immunity and ill health. These symptoms will be followed by fatigue, lack of energy and general malaise of the body. Treatment method for ovarian cancer involves surgical removal of ovaries and chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Once the ovaries are removed surgically, the spread of cancer is curtailed. Any cancerous cells present in the body after that will be removed with radiation and chemotherapy.