Symptoms Of Cervical Radiculopathy

Cervical Radiculopathy is the condition when the nerves in the cervical region get damaged due to the pressure exerted by the cervical discs that get degenerated and displaced. Cervical Radiculopathy can be caused due to a number of factors like injury to the neck, over exertion of the neck etc. Typical symptoms include pain and tingling in the neck, shoulders and back which can radiate towards the arms and the fingers. 

Cervical Radiculopathy creates a lot of distress in the person as the condition can worsen with time. It is therefore very important to stop the damage to the nerves as soon as possible to prevent lifelong distress. The treatment is normally through medications for pain relief and steroid injections in the neck and exercises for strengthening the spine and the muscles supporting the spine.

Symptoms Of Cervical Radiculopathy

Severe Pain Around The Neck And Shoulders

The most common and probably unbearable symptom associated with Cervical Radiculopathy is the disturbing pain that crops up when the nerve gets irritated. This can be due to an exercise regime, strenuous jobs, jogging or some other activity that can put pressure on the nerves and cause it to be under pressure. The pain is normally controlled with pain medications and hot and cold compresses which will help in relieving the inflammation and ease the pain.

Numbness Of Fingers And Hands

Another symptom that is very common among patients of Cervical Radiculopathy is a certain numbness that is concentrated on the fingers, neck, arms and hands. How bad the numbness turns out to be depends on how severe the damage to the nerves is. To relieve the numbness, the nerves have to be relieved from the pressure. Severe cases of pain and numbness might need surgical intervention.

Tingling Of Hands And Fingers

Tingling sensation most often follows numbness and feels like a numbing pain which occurs in the hands and fingers. The tingling occurs when the nerves that go towards the arms get pressed when the spinal vertebrae get inflamed. The tingling too can be controlled by controlling the conditions that cause the inflammation and irritation.

Lack Of Coordination

Cervical Radiculopathy may also create problems with coordination between the hand and the fingers which will create difficult situations for the person suffering from Cervical Radiculopathy.                  

Weakness Of Limbs

When the nerves in the arms get compressed, it gets damaged. The damage becomes worse every passing day and might even turn irreversible. This can cause weakening of the hands and fingers making you incapable of holding and doing things properly. Lack of strength of the arms can be very stressful for anyone as it will limit their efficiency. Therefore it is very important to treat the condition before it leads to weakening of the arms.

Severe cases where the arms are very weak will need surgery to relieve the nerves off the pressure and prevent further damage. Surgical intervention may however not be helpful for the damage already caused to the nerves. Therefore, as soon as the symptoms crop up, you must take care not to aggravate them and consult a physician for further treatment and guidance.