Symptoms Of Menopause

Symptoms Of Menopause

Symptoms Of Menopause Menopause is a natural phase that is completely normal which occurs in every woman’s life. There are a wide range of symptoms that can occur right from mood swings to sleepless nights.

However, the severity of these symptoms varies from woman to woman as it purely depends on each woman’s body make and constitution. This article deals with the symptoms that occur during this stage so please take your time to read them completely.

Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are basically a burning sensation that spreads over the body and gets particularly noticeable on the face. This happens because of the decrease in a hormone called estrogen in the body. In some cases, the decrease in estrogen production happens gradually so you may experience mild flashes but when the ovaries stop the production of this hormone abruptly then it can become a very difficult time for you.

Vaginal Dryness

When the production of estrogen drops, the vaginal tissues dry up and cause an itching sensation. Due to hormonal imbalance, the vaginal tissue loses its elasticity and causes intense irritation. As the hormone level drops, the vaginal walls become thinner and the vagina dries up and takes some time to get lubricated. This in turn affects your sexual life.

Bladder Problems

One of the common complaints during this phase is bladder problems. Infection, reduced bladder capacity and frequent urination due to insufficient production of estrogen are observed. Estrogen is very much essential for the functioning of bladder tissues.

Irregular Menstrual Cycle

Another common problem that most of the women folks face is irregular periods. The normal 28 day cycle can be drastically changing and the menses can occur in 20 days or so. The amount of blood loss may also vary like for instance, during one cycle there might be low blood loss and in the next month there might be heavy bleeding. Who knows you can also skip periods for a few months as well. The total cycle would be drastically swinging and you will notice that there is no particular pattern for your periods.


The next problem with menopause is that you may feel very weak, tired and totally exhausted due to low energy level. You will also observe that you are unable to concentrate properly in your work and tend to get irritated very often. You may not experience the feeling of being fatigued all the time but you can get tired at any instant of time and this is known as crashing fatigue.

Weight Gain

Due to hormonal imbalance and redistribution of fatty tissue, you may find yourself gaining weight during the menopause phase. Changes in your dietand exercising will help you to lose the weight that you gain. Apart from these, diverting your mind into activities such as yoga and meditation will be highly beneficial.

Breast Changes

You can also experience pain and tenderness in one or both your breasts as your body is subjected to a whole load of changes. Please consult your doctor in case of persistent pain or you notice any kind of discharge from the nipple. To conclude, these are some of the most common symptoms that occur during menopause and it is a must that each one of you folks are aware of these problems so that you can take adequate measures to manage them effectively.