Ten Side Effects Of Pregnancy

Ten Side Effects Of Pregnancy The arrival of pregnancy is very exciting for you but some of the side effects will irritate you and sometimes makes you embarrassed. These side effects bother you a lot and you are always scared of the arrival of these effects. Some of the side effects are explained here.

Few Side Effects of Pregnancy

Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal discharge is also known by the name leucorrhea which is odorless and has a mild bad smell which you will notice in your underpants during pregnancy in the form of a creamy thick liquid.This is due to increase in the amount of estrogen hormone and increased flow of blood towards vaginal area.

Acidity and Bloating

The production of progesterone hormones increases during pregnancy and this is the only hormone that gives relaxation to the smooth muscles in the body. The relaxation observed in muscles and gastrointestinal tract slows down the process of digestion and leads to gas, bloating, flatulence and burping which creates problems in your gut. This happens more when you eat a large portion of your meal.

Bleeding from Gums

Bleeding gums or the problem of gingivitis affects more than half of the expecting mothers. The tender and swollen gums start bleeding when you do brush or dental flossing. This is due to the higher progesterone in the blood that leads to increase in the bacteria, plaque and blood supply in the mouth.


Ten Side Effects Of Pregnancy

The increased level of progesterone slows down the movement of food in the digestive tract. When the food does not move properly then the problem of constipation arises and it also leads to growing uterus at a later stage of pregnancy on the rectum.

Excessive Formation of Saliva

Only a few women suffer from the problem of salivation during their pregnancy. The salivation is at higher levels when they are feeling nauseated. The result is that they start spitting to deal with excess saliva in their mouth.

Developement of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are the swollen veins of the blood vessels that come up in the rectal area. Sometimes they are painful and itchy or they can cause rectal bleeding that usually comes with bile. The hemorrhoids come for the first time during pregnancy in most of the women. But in case you have them earlier than they will come up again.

Itching on the Skin

The skin becomes itchy. You feel like to rub your belly and breast as these two organs are the two main organs observing changes.

Ten Side Effects Of Pregnancy

Dry skin, eczema and food allergies are some of the other skin problems that occur in pregnancy.

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Bleeding from the Nose

The blood vessels of the nose expand and it increases the supply of blood on the delicate vessels of the nose. This hurts the nose and it starts bleeding. This situation is more common during pregnancy.

Swelling and Inflammation

The water retention increases during pregnancy so it leads to swelling in different parts of the body. The swelling and inflammation is more common on the toes and fingers. Check with your doctor as an excess of swelling during your pregnancy can complicate your pregnancy.

Yeast Infections

Though there exists yeast in the vagina but during pregnancy the yeast grows so rapidly in comparison to other microorganisms that it increases the chances of yeast infection.