The Best Clothes For Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time when fashion literally goes flying out of the window. Comfort, ease and convenience take precedence and this can be easily achieved by investing in maternity clothes and dresses. Many women are under the misconception that maternity clothing is boring and unfashionable.

Apparel houses have harnessed the potential of maternity dressing and have come out with an eclectic array of dresses and skirts specially designed for pregnant women. Here are some style tips and fashionable ensembles that you can carry off during your pregnancy.

Clothing For Pregnancy

Empire Waist Cut Dresses

These are by far the most sought after dresses for pregnant women. Empire cut dresses have flowy fabric that flair out from the waist.

Best Clothes For Pregnancy

So you will not be feeling restrained especially in your belly area. Maternity dresses have now started coming out in stretch fabric to give you a comfortable fit. The beauty about these dresses is that they can be worn throughout your pregnancy right until your 9th month. Choose a couple of dresses in black or navy blue to wear for the special night outs with your partner.


Tights and leggings are the preferred clothing option for scores of pregnant women. This is because of their stretch fabric and comfortable fit. Pair them with empire cuts, long tops, semi-baggy t-shirts and well cut shirts and tops. Choose dark colours, which will give you the illusion of length and make your silhouette more slender. You can also choose brightly coloured tights in blue or pink for a bolder and more vivacious feel.

Tracks and Tees

While tracks and tees are not very fashionable, they are still comfortable and can be easily worn as a daytime ensemble. Tracks and tees are great to wear especially if you are just lounging around.

Tracks and Tees

If you do not want to look too frumpy, choose fitted tracks from good sports wear brands. The Lycra fits will hug your body without exerting pressure on your burgeoning belly. Choose tees in stretch fit fabric, which make you, look slim and accentuate those beautiful pregnant curves.

Drawstring Pants and Shorts

Drawstring pants and shorts come in elastic and drawstring that can be tied loosely or tightly as deemed fit. The elastic band allows the trouser to stretch comfortably even as your belly grows rapidly. If you are still able to boast about killer legs, drawstring shorts may just be the right choice for you. Pair them with loosely fitted tops, blouses and shirts. You can even sport wedges with these till the end of your first trimester.

Maternity Bras

Now is the right time to invest in maternity bras. While they definitely do not exude refinement, they will give your humungous and sore breasts some much-needed relief.

Maternity Bras

Women grappling with breast tenderness must wear a good quality maternity bra that gives the breasts support. The maternity bra should ideally be worn from the second trimester and should be continued even after delivery when you are breast-feeding your child.

Maternity Jeans

Maternity jeans are a fashionable ensemble for women who want to still look good while being pregnant. The best part about maternity jeans is that they do not come with tight waistbands. Most of them come with stretchable flaps that fit snugly around the waist, which means that your comfort will not be compromised. You can wear these jeans with empire cut tops, blouses and long shirts. Choose jeans from good maternity brands like mother care, which provide jeans in stretch and skinny fits.

Choose Cotton over Other Fabrics

Cotton is a breathable material and will allow you to stay cool and comfortable. During pregnancy, the body temperature rises, making you feel exceptionally warm.

Choose Cotton over Other Fabrics

Avoid materials like synthetic nylon, silk and satin, as they will cause you to sweat and perspire. Cotton is your best bet during pregnancy.

Choose From the Ordinary Market

You do not have to spend thousands on maternity clothing only. In fact there are many comfortable clothes and fabrics which you can wear during you pregnancy and even after the baby is born. Choose normal stretch fit tops that you can fit into even while you are breast-feeding and have lost all the extra pounds. That way you will not be unnecessarily spending large amounts on maternity wear.

Borrow From Relatives

Instead of buying a completely new wardrobe, see if you can borrow clothes from your sisters or cousins who have just had babies. Dig into your hubby’s wardrobe. You will find a number of shirts and t-shirts that you can now fit into. I did that and benefited tremendously from my husband’s medium sized t-shirts. They fit beautifully on your frame and husbands feel particularly indulgent so make the most of it. Borrowed clothes are softer and more comfortable than a brand new fabric.

Wrap Around Skirts

Another dress, which you can even wear later, is a wrap around skirt. Choose bright floral prints and pair them with neutral colours.

Wrap Around Skirts

You get casual wear skirts as well as skirts in single block colours for occasions that are more formal. Choose mid length to knee length skirts. Avoid wearing very long skirts because the chances are that you can trip, fall and hurt yourself in the process.


Choose shoes that will always make you feel comfortable. Avoid heels at all costs. Your centre of gravity shifts during pregnancy making your posture unstable and exerting pressure on your back. This can get further aggravated with heels. Hence, it is better to avoid them. Choose moccasins, flip flops and flat chappals to wear with your dresses and pants.

Tunic Dresses

Tunic dresses that are A-cut and loosely styled also look great during pregnancy without making you look too broad. The best thing about wearing a tunic dress is that you can wear it even after the baby is born. Minor tailoring adjustments will make the garment just right for you. With these maternity wear tips, you too can be a hot, happening and hip mama. Just stay happy and confident in whatever you wear and avoid overstraining your budget.

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