The Best Treatment For A Ruptured Ovarian Cyst

Many women suffer from ovarian cysts which are small fluid filled cysts occurring in the ovaries. Most of them are relatively harmless and tend to resolve and disappear on their own. Others grow larger and may rupture which may cause life-threatening problems.

The Best Treatment For A Ruptured Ovarian Cyst

Beware of The Symptoms

It is crucial to be aware of the symptoms. The symptoms of an ovarian cyst include pain in the pelvis region, painful intercourse, rectal pressure, nausea, vomiting and fullness in the abdomen. It is necessary for women to notify their doctor in case of any uncomfortable symptoms. Early diagnosis can prevent an ovarian cyst from rupturing.

Ruptured Ovarian Cyst

Act Quickly

If the cysts rupture, it is necessary to go to the nearest hospital and notify their emergency department. The doctor will carry out an emergency surgery if deemed fit or recommend some other course of action depending on the severity of the cyst rupture.

The first step will be to ascertain the damage to the uterus because of the rupture. The doctor will either do a normal ultrasound or insert a probe into the uterus with the help of an incision in the uterus and the damage to the ovaries will be assessed.

Ruptured Ovarian Cyst

If the cysts have become big, painful and are about to rupture or have already ruptured, emergency surgery may be performed to remove the cysts. If the cyst is small then it will be intermittently assessed with the help of sonograms to see whether it dissolves on its own.


If a cyst has ruptured, the first line of treatment will be antibiotics to contain any infection in the ovary. Broad-spectrum penicillin may be prescribed. Stronger antibiotics may be prescribed depending on the degree of cyst rupture and the kind of infection anticipated. The antibiotics help to suppress any infection.

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Oral Birth Control Pills

Once a ruptured cyst has been treated, the doctor is likely to put you on low dose oral contraceptives. This is to prevent ovulation and prevent the formation of further cysts. This treatment will be carried out until it is felt that the woman has stayed cyst free for some time. Once the woman decides to have a child this treatment may be discontinued.

effects of birth control pills on early stages of pregnancy

Pain Medication

An immediate ruptured cyst may cause acute and unbearable pain. Low dose morphine may be given or the woman may be put on some broad range analgesics to reduce the discomfort or the pain due to the ruptured cyst.

Post Surgical Care

In the eventuality of a surgery, the quality of postoperative care is also very important. The doctor will regularly carry out abdominal checks through sonograms. The doctor will recommend some foot exercises for you in case you are bed bound. These will help to prevent blood clots.


You will also be advised to not take up strenuous activities and refrain from having sexual intercourse. This of course can be discontinued once you have healed and recovered completely.