The Effects Of Cigarette Smoking During Pregnancy

For all the women folks out there who have stepped in the most beautiful phase of your lives of being pregnant, but are addicted to smoking then this is a heads up of the danger signals that nicotine can have on your fetus.

If You Smoke Then remember That Your Baby Also Does!

During your pregnancy if you smoke then the toxins such as nicotine, lead and other poisonous elements find their way to the placenta which is the tissue that connects you and the baby. When these substances reach the placenta they prevent the baby from getting the essential nutrients and can also considerably decrease the oxygen supply. So beware!

Smoking Can Result In Premature Babies

Another drastic effect is that your baby could be born a few weeks ahead of the expected delivery date and hence you definitely need external medical attention. Also, the baby’s weight may also reduce by a considerable amount. One important point to consider is that lower birth weight can also lead to the death of the baby.

Smoking Affects The Baby’s Body And Lungs

Smoking affects the baby’s birth size and due to this it can have some deformities in the body such as improper functioning of the lungs. This also implies that after birth the baby needs to have the respirator’s support for a few days before he or she starts breathing on its own. And there is also a very high chance that this baby will also have breathing problems later in his or her life due to the effect of nicotine. Some of the common breathing problems are asthma and wheezing.

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Brain Functioning Of The Baby Is At A High Risk

If you smoke then your baby is bound to develop mental problems due to improper development of the brain. The baby will also have a low IQ and you would observe learning disorders and personality problems in his or her life.

SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

When you smoke during your pregnancy you are actually causing the baby to be born with a smaller air passage and therefore putting your baby to a very high risk of breathing disorders and also SIDS. This is mainly because the baby will not be in a position to take in the required amount of oxygen to get his or her peaceful night’s sleep and hence this can ultimately lead to the baby’s death.

Smoking After Pregnancy

If you still continue to smoke after pregnancy then you will feed your baby with a substantial amount of nicotine through your breast milk. Also you will also notice a reduction in the milk supply which is a danger signal. The intake on nicotine by the baby can cause a hell lot of complications such as breathing disorders, diarrhea and also affects the lungs.

To conclude, all the to be mums please take adequate measures to quit smoking since you would now know the drastic consequences that can occur if you smoke. So please ensure that you give your baby the best pollution free environment that it can grow in.