The Top Causes Of A Yeast Infection

Yeast InfectionYeast infections are caused by common bacteria called as Candida albacans. Yeast infections are found in the genital and vaginal areas of both men and women. They may also occur in other parts of the body especially in between skin folds.
While antibiotics and home remedies can alleviate the symptoms, it is worth knowing what causes yeast infections so that preventive steps can be taken.

Top Causes Of A Yeast Infection

Excessive Use Of Antibiotics

The excessive use of antibiotics is perhaps the leading cause of yeast infections. For instance you continuously take antibiotics for a particular infection. Over time the antibiotics not only kill the harmful bacteria but also the good bacteria present in the body.

This disrupts the bacterial ecosystem in the body and allows the yeast to take over and cause an infection. Potentially strong doses of antibiotics along with their prolonged use can cause the good bacteria in the body to rapidly disappear thus lowering your immunity against the yeast causing bacteria.

Improper Clothing

Our humid, temperate climates along with improper and ill fitting clothes compound the problem of a yeast infection. Many people wear synthetic, nylon clothing that is tight and restrictive in nature. It traps moisture, heat and dirt and all these factors combine to provide an ideal breeding ground for the yeast to thrive and survive.

men Improper clothing

Wearing loose, cotton clothing is one of the best ways to prevent a yeast infection. Make sure there is air circulation and your skin gets to breathe. Poor hygiene is also a contributing factor. Not bathing and keeping oneself clean can allow the yeast to multiply.


The good bacteria are highly susceptible to unnatural chemicals that exist in the environment. These chemicals too can disturb the natural bacterial fauna of the body. Common culprits are dyes, inks, perfumes, harsh soaps, vaginal scents etc. Excessive use can strip your vagina of the good bacteria and also make it very dry.

Harsh laundry detergents and washing powders can also cause a widespread yeast infection to occur. It is best to stick to a gentle soap and water to keep yourself clean. The genitals especially are self cleaning and need not be subjected to the use of fragrances, soaps and deos.

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Sexual Contact

A lot of times the yeast infection is spread unwittingly through sexual contact. Men and women may be suffering from the infection and are often seemingly unaware of it. Thus the bacteria can be transmitted from one person to another. Strangely condoms too are known to cause a yeast infection.

Sexual contact

Some condoms come with lubricants that have spermicides in them. These spermicides cause a severe allergic reaction and can cause a woman to develop a yeast infection in her vagina. Switching to the newer non latex condoms may alleviate the symptoms to a large extent.


A faulty diet that is high on fats, sugars and spices is another reason for recurrent yeast infections. We all know that yeast needs sugar to thrive and survive. This combined with diseases like uncontrolled diabetes can pave the way for a severe yeast infection.