Things To Do Before Breast Augmentation

Things To Do Before Breast Augmentation

You may be happy that you will be getting a developed bust line shortly after you get through breast augmentation. But, you cannot avoid the stress and trauma that pops in your mind every now and then just a couple of days before the surgery. We bring here a comprehensive list of things that you must do before you go for breast augmentation. Take a look.

Prepare Befor Breast Augmentation

Make Your Personal Arrangements

The primary thing that you have to arrange before you lie under the surgeon’s knife is to make your personal arrangements. Since you cannot drive back home after the surgery, so it is vital for you to arrange for someone who will do the job for you. You must also make arrangements for a day long attendant for you when you return back home immediately after the operation.

Stuff your kitchen and refrigerator with enough of foods and beverages, so that you do not have to rush to the market very soon. Make a list of medicines and other personal requisites that you may require after the surgery. Arrange for the same as well so that the couple of days post augmentation can be reserved for total relaxation.

Stop Smoking for the Time Being

 Breast Augmentation

It is integral for you to restrain from smoking a couple of weeks before the surgery. Thus, if you smoke you must be certain about quitting the same for a few days, or else it can invite unnecessary health complications post breast augmentation. Smoking cannot be resumed immediately after the surgery as well.

Inform the physician about your present medicine

Before you go for the surgery, it is vital that you inform your doctor about the medicine you are taking at present, herbs you are consuming and treatments you are undergoing. Certain medicines have side effects. Hence, when your physician is aware of the drugs you are consuming, he can act accordingly so that there is no dire health consequence post surgery.

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Inform your Doctor about your Future Plans

Breast augmentation can sometimes come in the way of breast feeding. Actually the incisions made for the implant are mostly done around the nipples.

 Before Breast Augmentation

This interferes with the milk ducts. So, when you inform your doctor that you intend to reproduce and breast feed in the future, he can plan a different pattern of incision and implantation. This way you can have successful implant and your breast feeding abilities will also remain unaltered.

Clean the Area Scrupulously

Wash the area of surgery scrupulously just the day before the operation. Use antibacterial soap for the purpose. Never apply any makeup, cosmetics or toiletries on the area post cleaning.

Remove Nail Polish

Remove nail polish from your fingers the day before the surgery. This is essential for assisting the process of anesthesia.

Keep Stomach Empty

Avoid consuming any food, liquid or water after midnight, just the day before operation. Talk to your doctor and take a dose of purgative as well, so that your stomach is entirely empty on the day of the operation.

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