Things To Know About Breast Reconstruction

Things To Know About Breast Reconstruction

Things To Know About Breast Reconstruction You may already know that breast reconstruction is one of the most sought after cosmetic surgeries among women. There was a time when women got traumatized when they were detected with breast cancer. Majority of the cases of breast cancer end up in mastectomy, which is a surgical method of amputation of the affected breast.

Thus, it is needless to state that a woman without breasts will never look beautiful. So, together with the anxiety of the disease came the trauma of permanent loss of their feminine beauty. But breast reconstruction is a blessing for the fairer sex now as they get a second chance to flaunt their bosoms even after mastectomy.

How is Breast Reconstruction Done?

Doctors choose various methods to reconstruct breasts.  The method to be chosen depends solely upon the medical condition of the patients, personal preferences and differences of lifestyle followed by every patient. They are broadly segregated as follows:

Insertion of Implants

During the process of mastectomy the natural breast tissues and parts of the affected skin or the entire skin gets surgically removed.  The operated portions include the thin layer of skin that covers the entire breast as well as the nipple. Next, an implant in inserted in the area in a specialized way. This stretches the remaining skin and gradually takes the shape of natural breasts.

Grafting of Living Cells

In certain cases, breast reconstruction also involves rebuilding of new breasts using the living tissues from the other parts of the patient’s body. Hence, these living tissues grow rapidly to take the shape of natural breasts when they get direct supply of fresh blood.

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Combination of Methods

There is yet another method where both the processes are involved: grafting of living tissues and insertion of artificial implants.

When it is the Right Time for Breast Reconstruction?

The accurate time to opt for breast reconstruction is never same for every woman. Some of the major factors that determine the timing of breast reconstruction have been discussed here for you.

Social Factor

While some women might find it extremely challenging and humiliating to live without breasts, others may delay a bit in making a decision in favor of breast reconstruction. Thus, social factor is one of the primary triggers that influence the urgency of breast reconstruction. Many women report that life after breast reconstruction has become much better and they have regained back their lost confidence.

Medical Factors

Medical condition of the patient is another factor that becomes a major consideration while deciding about breast reconstruction. In some cases, the post operative treatment of mastectomy rendered to a patient might not permit an immediate breast reconstruction surgery. So, the process gets delayed in such situations.

Economic Factors

A woman can have breast reconstruction immediately after mastectomy if her medical conditions permit. An immediate breast reconstruction surgery often becomes an economic option for patients. They are saved from paying a lot of extra money for doctor construction, surgery, medication and post operative care.

But those who delay in taking a decision are always exempted from this extra benefit.Thus, if you wish to go for breast reconstruction, your doctor is the person to consult with and get advised.

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