Three Stages Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a gift of god to every woman. It gives excitement and mixed emotions during the whole nine months of pregnancy. The various stages of pregnancy can be used as a guide so that you can understand the physical changes that will happen the pregnancy.

Pregnancy passes through several stages. It lasts for a period of 40 weeks. These weeks are grouped into three stages which are explained below:

Stages of Pregnancy

First Stage

1 ST Stage
The first 12 weeks come under this stage. The body of the women undergoes several changes in the first stage of the pregnancy. The hormonal changes affect every organ of the body and these changes are reflected by the presence of several symptoms in the first few weeks of pregnancy.

The main sign of pregnancy is that the menstrual cycle stops. Other changes include tiredness in the body, tenderness in the breast, morning sickness with nausea and vomiting, food cravings, mood swings, constipation, increase in the frequency of urine, headache and increase in body weight.

With these subsequent changes in the body you have to make some modification in your lifestyle like you have to sleep early, have to take frequent smaller meals. These changes differ from woman for woman as each woman is different. With the advancement in the pregnancy some of these changes go away on their own like the problem of morning sickness usually ends with the completion of the first trimester.

Second Stage

2nd Stage
The 13th week to 28th week comes under second stage. The second stage starts with the end of nausea and tiredness in the body. This stage notices some visible changes in the body like the lower abdomen expands,the skin color around the areolas darkens, stretch marks begin to appear, a line moves from the naval to the public hairline and there is swelling on face, finger and feet.
Some women suffer from the problem of backache and thigh pain due to increase in body weight. If some patches occur on both sides of the face then that is known as a mask of pregnancy and these patches go away with the birth of the child.

Third Stage

3rd Stage

After the 28th week to the birth of the child comes under the final and third stage of pregnancy. Most of the discomfort that you will face in the second stage will continue in this stage also. The breathing becomes difficult. As the baby grows in the uterus it lays extra pressure on the organs of the to need to urinate more often.

Some other bodily changes that will happen in this stage are shortness of breath, burning in the heart, swelling of ankles and fingers, tenderness in the breasts, hemorrhoids, difficulty in sleeping due to contractions in the uterus. As you approach your due date the cervix becomes thin and soft so that you can deliver the baby easily. The gynecologist does a vaginal exam to check whether this natural process is started. This is the final countdown to the birth of the baby.