4 Best Tips For Comfortable And Painless Periods

4 Best Tips For Comfortable And Painless Periods

4 Best Tips For Comfortable And Painless Periods

Periods are just a biological cycle which every lady goes through every month. Undoubtedly, this is not one of the best days ; she experiences cramps and aches which tends to get a bit disappointing at times. Here are some tips which will help you in experiencing easier periods, helping her to lead a normal life as much as possible.

Here Are Some Tips For Comfortable And Painless Periods:

Exercise For Fifteen Minutes

Cramps and aches are common during menstruation. To get back your lost energy, feel at ease and to get relief from pain, you should do a few light exercises during your periods. There are special yoga postures which help in increasing blood flow to pelvic region. This helps in getting relief from cramps and aches. Go for a little walk or jog or you can even stretch for sometime, it will help in releasing endorphins which help you feel relaxed and comfortable. Light to moderate exercises also help in tightening muscles which cause cramps.


Have Right Food To Balance Hormones

You need to balance your hormones during your periods and this can be a real challenging task if you do not know the right foods. Include plenty of proteins such as nuts, lean meats and nuts in your diet to balance hormones. If your hormone level is balanced, your menstrual cycle will be better balanced and easy to tackle. Plant proteins are also recommended which help in enhancing hormonal balance and also enhance fertility. Include canned sardines, hard boiled eggs, walnuts, peanuts, almonds and cheese in your diet.

Well-Balanced Diet

Stay Away From Caffeine

Stay away from foods with high salt composition which include fast foods and processed foods. Women generally crave for these foods at this time, but unfortunately this is not good for the body. Foods high in salt content cause water retention and increase the feeling of bloating. Caffeine which is generally found in soda, tea and coffee can irritate the stomach and increase discomfort.


Have Chocolates

Having chocolates during your periods stimulates production of serotonin. This offers a good feeling. Mood swings, anxiety, irritation and panic attacks are reduced when you have chocolates everyday. High levels of cacao present in chocolates works as a mind booster.

Have Plenty Of Chocolates

These tips are going to help you go through your menstruation days easily, with lesser anxiety, discomfort and irritation.