Tips For Getting Pregnant Naturally

Pregnancy is a natural process but it involves a series of complex processes as well. Various factors and conditions should be favorable to let a pregnancy happen in the most natural ways. The main reasons why a pregnancy may not happen naturally and may require artificial assistance are in cases of infertility and also pregnancy considered at a late age.

The most conducive range of age to get pregnant is from twenties till mid-thirties beyond which getting pregnant naturally may be difficult. Infertility may happen due to hormonal imbalances, defects in organs and also due to presence of fibroids. Getting pregnant naturally is a blessing which can be achieved in the following effective ways.

Natural Methods of Getting Pregnant

Understanding our body and becoming aware of it is most important when you decide to get pregnant naturally. In various ways we can help our body to accept pregnancy in the most natural ways. Tracking ovulation to have sex, natural remedies and herbs, active and healthy lifestyle, proper sex positions and eating right are some ways that will be discussed here to help you to get pregnant naturally.

Tracking Ovulation

If you have a normal and regular menstrual cycle then it is easy to track ovulation. You can calculate your approximate ovulation days with the help of your doctor. Usually it is from the 12th to the 16th day of a 28 days cycle. Indulge in sex at least one or two days prior to your ovulation and till it lasts.

Active and Healthy Lifestyle

Getting pregnant naturally may be hampered due to certain physical ailments or mental distresses. An active and healthy lifestyle will help you to remain healthy and fit both mentally and physically thereby assisting you to get pregnant naturally. Overweight problems are also detrimental for getting pregnant naturally.
Active and Healthy Lifestyle

Active and healthy lifestyle means you will eat balanced and nutritious diet, exercise regularly, take enough rest and sleep, abstain from bad habits like excessive alcoholism or smoking and manage stress well by remaining meaningfully involved and physically active.

Take Green Leafy Vegetables and Folic Acid Supplements

Green leafy vegetables are not only store houses of various essential nutrients but also provide you with folic acid which assists you to conceive and also helps to prevent neural tube defects in your baby if you keep continuing taking enough folic acid during pregnancy as well.

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Proper Sex Position

To get pregnant naturally you should have sex in ways by which the sperm can travel easily to fertilize the egg. Use the standard missionary position and keep your thighs slightly elevated by resting them on a pillow. Rest for a while in this position even after sex and try to get an orgasm before or during the time your partner ejaculates. This way the vaginal environment becomes sperm friendly.

Eating Right
Eating Right

Take enough protein, carbohydrates and iron in your diet. Carbohydrates should be low on the glycemic index and it’s better to avoid alcohol, excess caffeine, Trans fat and MSG.

Natural and Herbal Remedies

Various natural and herbal remedies become effective to cure hormonal imbalances which are major causes of not getting pregnant naturally. Red Clover, Vitex and Red Raspberry leaves are some herbs that can regulate hormonal condition considerably.

Abdominal Massages and Alternative Medicine

Abdominal massages and alternative medicine can also become effective to cure certain internal problems which interfere with getting pregnant naturally.