2 Tips For Weight Loss During Menopause

It is common for women, who have reached menopause or going through it, to gain weight. This is due to the metabolism rate that is greatly affected by the hormonal imbalance; hence, the eating behaviors of most women are changed. Hormonal imbalance in itself is a major cause of weight gain during this period.

Weight Loss

Menopause may be a difficult time for women to undergo; there is no choice but to take it in your stride, as best as you can. Weight gained during menopause can be controlled and lost, if undertaken properly using the right methods.

It is quite normal to find that your normal dieting methods no longer work. Hence, you need to come up with better alternatives that will make sure that you do not end up gaining too much weight at the end of the process.

You can always consult your doctor for some advice on losing weight during menopause. He/she may prescribe some medication to balance your hormones and ease your urge to eat. However, observing a few healthy tips can help you greatly in the smooth sailing through this natural phase, without necessarily gaining too much weight.

Tips For Weight Loss During Menopause

Health Tips


It is very important for you to adopt and maintain a healthy eating plan. All of your diet should preferably be high in proteins instead of carbohydrates; preferably, there should be plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to avoid the undesirable extra weight.

It is recommended that you are consistent with your regular three meals per day. It is important for you to make an effort to decrease your carbohydrate intake, which is the primary factor that causes weight gain during your menopause.

Another necessary but important thing to do is to avoid or take very little processed foods. These foods are generally not suitable for the body’s well being. If you can manage to avoid these foods, it is better for you. Do not forget to drink lots of water, as it is essential to maintain your good health. Make sure that you have enough liquids every day. Do not resort to having a lot on one day, but very little on the other day.

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Exercising is good for the general health. Hence, a simple 30- minute walk at least 4 times a week will work to your advantage, as it will keep you fit and healthy as well. Exercise is always a good way to burn a few calories every once in a while, to get rid of unnecessary fats.

Also, make sure that as you do all this, you engage yourself in fun activities. Spending some fun time with people close to you or even strangers, will help you forget your menopausal effects. You can enjoy your life as you continue in making the right efforts in shedding off the unnecessarily gained weight.

Menopause is really no excuse for you to gain weight and get out of shape. Actually, this should be the perfect moment for you to come up with a plan to maintain your good looks, to keep you feeling and looking younger, although age may start taking a toll on you.